TCDD Transportation Inc. Spring Term In-Service Trainings Ended

In-service trainings of the spring semester of this year ended with the attendance meeting held on 11 May 2018 in Ayaş.

General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Veysi Kurt, Deputy General Managers Erol Arikan and Çetin Altun, heads of departments, regional coordinator managers, service managers, chefs and a large number of employees attended the meeting.

”3 is a yearly 162 yearly culture and experience“

TCDD Tasimacilik AS General Manager Veysi Kurt in his speech at the closing meeting of the 14 June 2016'da established TCDD Transportation Inc. 's 162 has an annual railway culture and experience.

Kurt, who says infrastructure services are difficult, time consuming and costly, underlined that the main reason for this is that it is a service sector that requires hardness, patience and speed because it is hizmet serving people Alty.

Pointing out the importance of fulfilling the demands of the passengers in a short time, Kurt noted that they will benefit from all kinds of technological, cultural and scientific data and facilities to produce people-oriented service.

“We must provide people-oriented service“

Noting that the old management approach can not be seen, the importance of adopting the new and effective management concept that emerged in the global world without any time, Kurt, world-class service to provide day and night, winter-oriented activities should be continued, people said.

Kurt continued his speech, drawing attention to the difficulty of pleasing people to make maximum observations, the highest effort to be exerted, much attention paid, the people we serve should always be very high interest and interest, he said.

“There is a big improvement in the income-expenditure balance“

According to the past years, there is a big improvement in the income expense balance. Kurt said that the highest carrying capacity in 2017 has been reached and 3 has been carried over a million tons more than the previous year. With Marmaray, 7.1 has informed that more than one million passengers have been transported.

4.5 announces more than 4.5 thousand passengers transported in Marmaray over the first 500 monthly period of last year.

The satisfaction rate of the satisfaction analysis YHT'den 98.4 said that the percentage of the Kurt, freight transport and conventional train transportation should be caught in this satisfaction, he added.

”Our business is important, heavy and sacrificing“

TCDD Tasimacilik AS said that the work of its employees required sacrifice and directly affected the people. For this reason, he pointed out the importance of being patient with the customers and representing the company in the best way possible.

At the end of his speech, Kurt stated that the occupational safety rules should be paid attention while providing quality, fast, cost-oriented, world-class service and wished success to all employees in their works.

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