Joint Declaration Signed Between TCDD and Italian Railways

The most important high-speed rail efficiency and 10 held in Turkey for the first time worldwide. General Director of TCDD within the scope of UIC (International Railway Association) World High Speed ​​Railway Congress and High Speed ​​Railway Fair İsa Apaydın and Italian Railways (FS) CEO Renato Mazzoncini held a bilateral meeting on Thursday at 09.

In the context of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by 25 May 2017 on the development of the railway cooperation between TCDD and FS, General Manager Apaydın stated that the trainings given by FS to our staff were fruitful in terms of ”railway maintenance“ and ın telecommunication and signaling Mayıs. for the development of friendly relations is important to maintain said.

Turkey-Greece provision of rail links between pointed out that they give priority to the issues Mazzoncini Greek Railways (OSE) with the continuation of their work and to open the Thessaloniki-Athens connection in September and passing the railway system in there again move to be made over Turkey Thessaloniki-Bulgaria-Macedonia link would benefit the Balkan region he stressed.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın On the other hand, Bulgaria and Greece are willing to establish a railway connection between the three countries. Apaydin; Of both countries to passengers and cargo from Turkey had been made with the conventional system, this year the construction of 200 of even design speed which will be held km / h would be issued and thus expressed the cargo and passenger capacity infrastructure will be increased.

At the end of the meeting, the ile Joint Declaration öner was signed for the development of cooperation between TCDD and FS proposed by FS.

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