Continuous Transportation Investments Continue in Kayseri

Kayseride breaks record in mass transit
Kayseride breaks record in mass transit

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality on the one hand last year laid the foundation of the construction of the intersections of the new year will be held on the one hand, while performing the auction of new intersections. A tender was held for the intersection in front of Osman Kavuncu Boulevard City Terminal.

Metropolitan Municipality continues its transportation investments. A new one will be added in front of the City Terminal for the interchanges built for uninterrupted traffic. Belsin Anafartalar-Terminal-City Hospital-Mobilyakent Rail System Line will be passed on the route planned to be made in the first two-storey junction was held. Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, City Terminal construction work for the construction of a busy intersection. Approximately 24 734 thousand TL 6 company participated in the tender.

The companies participating in the tender and their proposals were as follows:
Preface Construction: 17 million 447 thousand TL
Construction Facility Construction: 17 million 659 thousand TL
Helpek Construction: 17 million 869 thousand TL
Avas Group Construction: 19 million 128 thousand TL
Akçelik Construction-Gürtur Construction Partnership: 21 million 749 thousand TL
Metroray Construction: 21 million 898 thousand TL

The tender will be finalized upon review of the proposals by the commission.

Metropolitan Municipality, on Wednesday, May, 23 Yazicioglu Bulvari, City Hospital next to the city of the junction will do the tender.

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