Unskilled Tram Project of SANKO Students Received Award

At the inc ROBOGAMES 2018 World Robot Olympics büyük held in San Francisco, USA, SANKO High School students achieved three world championships and a third place in the world.

The students of SANKO High Schools had two world championships and two world championships in the same competition last year.

SANKO Science and Technology High School and SANKO College students Ali Arda Gokcek, Osman Kaan Dikmen, Teoman Efe Kuday, Hasan Atakan Aslan, Azra Akkus, Berkay Dobooglu, Ayberk Kaan Gunes, Ertugrul Topuz'dan SANKO High School Robot Team; Muzaffer Harun Bayseçkin and the robots they prepared in the ”Best Of Show ir,“ Artbot Musical ”,“ Humanoid Stair Climbing “and robot The Best of Show ında in the category of success in the world.

The robot team is the second in the ik The Best of Show ”category; In the category of and Artbot Musical gümüş and the third in the world, silver and bronze won the silver medal in the z Humanoid Stair Climbing dünya category.

With the help of the advanced sensors, the tramway was designed to reduce the number of human errors to zero and eliminate the negativity and autonomously operated tramway. This project was the second in the inc The Best of Show ”category.

Mechanical and electronic designed robots, one of the projects in which the melodies were played in accordance with the desired criteria, the second in the “Artbot Musical den category and the third in the world, registered its success.

The humanoid staircase climbed the ladder of a humanoid robot with a humane (leg, arm, shoulder and head) that made it proud to be the second in the div Humanoid Stair Climbing bir category.

Sanko Schools General Manager Melike Toklucu the world, is participating from all over, "Robogames World Robot Olympiad" in the Sanko Schools, the results received from the 2017 and 2018 years, Gaziantep, in addition, said that honoring Turkey.

Toklucu, SANKO Schools,, ROBOGAMES 2018 World Robot Olympics, the only Turkish team to achieve this success, emphasizing that students, and congratulated the teacher.

Students of SANKO High School had two world championships and two worlds second place at the ROBOGAMES World Robot Olympics held last year.



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