Samsun-Sarp Railway Very Important

Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSO) Parliament Speaker Levent Yildirim, "Samsun-Sarp Railway for the realization of all the effort, we are ready to use the energy," he said.

Levent Yildirim, elected as President of the Assembly OTSO Parliament, the Parliament as the speaker will work to develop the army, he said. Expressing that the army is a growing city OTSO Parliament Speaker Levent Yildirim, TS Army's trade expanded. There was also a great potential in terms of tourism. There are also good developments in terms of industry and urbanization. We are following these developments as Army Chamber of Commerce. I follow him as head of parliament. I, as parliament speaker, will do my best to improve the Army in every aspect, whether it is trade, tourism or social life. I am already ready to do whatever it takes, whether it is a new project or the support of existing projects. This is the Army issue. When something is about the Army, it is necessary to plan everything according to the Army. Bir

Samsun-Sarp is very important

In the coming period, both OTSO and the Army should be realized projects that need to realize OTSO Parliament Speaker Yildirim, gerçekleştir I personally care as much as Samsun-Sarp railway. We are talking about this subject in every way, as much as we can. We are ready to use all our effort and energy to realize this project. In addition, OTSO has studies on Technopark. We are very pleased to see this happen. There are various views to expand the volume of trade and tourism in the Army. I desire to contribute to the realization of these views. As a parliamentary president in this soup, I want my salt to be found too. Başkan

Tourism rising value

The army should be seen as a whole with the township voicing Lightning, ğ There is a hazelnut industry in Ordu. On the one hand it is necessary to ensure the development of this industry, while on the other hand it is necessary to create new business lines around here. Tourism is a rapidly developing trend for the army. There are also those who want to make serious investments in this subject. It is known that the MENA summit was held in Ordu very recently. We saw that they had a very close relationship with Ordu during the meetings we had with businessmen. We saw that investment opportunities should be created for them to invest. OTSO is our main duty to open up the way for those who want to invest. We will do our best in this regard. Bu

Army must be whole

In order to increase the employment in the army, he said, di We need to attract new investors in addition to the strengthening of the existing industry. We will strive for the development of the Army with our minds, our hearts, our creativity. We already have an opportunity to pay our debt to the Army. Hopefully in the coming period, the shortcomings in work, employment and investment in Ordu will be less. We really love the Army. The value of the army must be known by everyone. Whatever we do in our 81 province, we need to think about it. For this, the governor of the army, the mayor, the chamber of commerce should be one.

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