The Process of Recruiting 5 Thousand Personnel to PTT Continues

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "The process for adding 42 thousand more to the 5 thousand employees of PTT continues." said.

Minister Ahmet Arslan participated in the ceremony held at the governor's office for the Youth Center protocol signed between the Governorship of Kars and PTT.

At the table where the Kars Agreement was signed on October 13, 1921, Kars Governor Rahmi Doğan and PTT A.Ş Chairman and General Manager Kenan Bozgeyik signed the protocol.

Reminding that the signatures were made on a historical table, Minister Arslan said, "We thank our dear governor, they are making every effort to realize what service we have brought with our deputy regarding Kars." said.

Emphasizing that PTT is taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand, Arslan said, “Our developing, growing, 178th year-old plane tree and our well-established company PTT has become a world brand. He is the term chairman of the Council Presidency of the World Postal Union until 2020 on his way to becoming a world brand. ” used the expression.

Minister Arslan, stating that PTT provides important services and provides services to the most remote places, continued as follows:

"PTT is also in the world as well as his service in Turkey mail is no longer in cooperation with many countries, logistics, cargo and e-commerce areas will really create added value to our country, our country is conducting several studies will contribute to the economy. Our developing and growing PTT, on the one hand, is serving the people of our country, on the other hand, it is expanding its service range and accordingly, it is also expanding its staff. The process for adding 42 thousand more to the 5 thousand employees of PTT continues. ”

PTT grows with service concept

Emphasizing that PTT provides service in thousands of workplaces, Arslan said:

“Again, there are only PttBank in small districts, towns and 800 settlements that do not have banks, and our PTT provides services all over the country through the PttBank. Our PTT, which is growing and developing with this understanding of service and acting practically with the advantage of being a joint stock company, also supports education. ”

Minister Arslan stated that a protocol was signed for the establishment of Youth Center in Kars within the framework of PTT's support for education, and wished that the youth center, which was also arranged, would be beneficial to Kars and young people.

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