Legendary Street Sharampol Opened with Grand Ceremony

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 1. The festival started with Aleyna Tilki concert. Speaking on the night of the legendary opening of the legendary President Menderes Türel yapıl Sharampol with you all the beauty. We went out with you this way. Such beauties look good to you. Siz Famous artist Aleyna Tilki sang the most popular songs for the people of Antalya.

Launched by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality with the slogan of returning to Legend, the Sarampol Street Project met with the people of Antalya with its renewed face. The official opening of the project, which will once again be the center of Antalya, will be provided for the old mobility at the Sharampol Street, which is the center of Antalya trade, and 1. It was crowned by the Festival of Sharps. AK Party Antalya deputy Gökçen Özdoğan Enç, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel, Antalya Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association President Adlıhan Dere, council members and thousands of people participated in the opening ceremony.

Legend is back

Addressing the people of Antalya before the Aleyna Tilki and Emrah Karaduman concert, Mayor Menderes Türel said, Belediye We said we will beautify the Sharampol while we are on our way. We said Antalya's legend, Sharampol. Legend is back. . Together with you with all its beauty,. Said Rafampol.

Turkey Antalya Nice Very Nice

Türva who gave the good news that Sharampol will not be missing anymore, said: Var Of course we have trades here. Here, artistic and cultural events, concerts, Ramadan, blessed month with beautiful programs here will increase the work of our trades. At the same time, you can see that the property values ​​of our homes have doubled to 3. Together we will increase the value of the stock market. We went out with you this way. We said do it, you said do it. We will be good for you. Turkey is beautiful, very beautiful Antalya "

Sharon and Tonguç to 50 million TL

Türel, who told about the change in Sarampol and Tonguç, said to the people of Antalya: ib You are the real owner of these beauties, we spent on 25 Million TL Sharampol Street. 24 million spent at 3 junction in Tonguç. Welcome to Helali. Formerly there would be floods in the rain on Tonguç Street. Now that you're sorry, he's in trouble. We work for you. You get all halal. You deserve these beauties. You are the true owner of these beauties because you support us, we are working these beauties. I thank you all. This beautiful avenue will be good for all of Antalya. Bu

Chairman of the Tradesman Friendly

Speaking on behalf of the tradesmen of the trades of the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen of Antalya, Adlıhan Dere expressed his gratitude to Menderes Türel, not to be so-called, but as tradesmen in essence.

Aleyna foxed Fox

After the speeches, Aleyna Tilki and Emrah Karaduman performed the stage with their spectacular stage performance. Antalyalılar Aleyna Tilki's loved songs in one mouth. Aleyna Tilki had an unforgettable night.

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