Transportation Project of a Century from Denizli Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which greatly eases the city traffic with the transportation projects it has realized in Denizli, has announced the new ring road project that will mark the future. The project, which will connect Izmir Highway to Antalya Highway, has a new military road and a 25 km tunnel to be made in Çamlık District in order not to damage the trees. Emphasizing that they have relieved the city traffic with their projects, however, a new ring road must be built to prepare the city for the future, and said, “We are planning the future of our sea”.

President Osman Zolan, “We are planning the future of our sea”

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is preparing its future transportation plans as well as realizing the successful transportation projects it carries out throughout the city. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Council discussed the issue of 1/5000 scale master and 1/1000 scale implementation development plan prepared for the part of the project that concerns the Kınıklı region, in order to bring a new ring road to the south of Denizli. During the meeting, the positive contribution of the ring road that will continue to be built with the Ankara-İzmir ring road and which will connect the Ankara-Antalya roads, including the Honaz Tunnel, will be mentioned. While explaining the positive contribution of these two ring roads to traffic, it was pointed out that there is a big deficiency for the future in İzmir-Antalya point.

Tunneling will be done to prevent damage to the trees

In this context, it was planned to connect Saruhan, Kadılar and Gerzele Neighborhood with the new ring road starting from İzmir Road Kumkısık Mevkii to prepare the city traffic for the future, and to connect Antalya Road from the south of Pamukkale University with a new road. It was announced that a 25 km tunnel will be constructed in order to prevent the trees from being damaged when the new 1 km of ring road passes through Çamlık Mevkii. It is noted that with the realization of the mentioned ring road, a serious intercity transit road will be provided between İzmir-Antalya-Ankara roads.

“We must be prepared for the future”

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan stated that they relieved the city traffic with the transportation projects they realized, but that they had to prepare the city for the future against the increasing population and the number of vehicles accordingly. Mayor Osman Zolan explaining the dozens of investments they made to ease transportation such as bridge junctions, traffic management system and smart transportation applications, “Thank God we have made our traffic foldable today. However, we must be prepared for the future. For this we need to make new ring roads. We started our project today to prepare our city for the future. ” Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that the transportation is made easily from the military road used today, from Ulus Street to Antalya road, but that the route will not be able to carry heavy traffic due to the increasing number of vehicles and population in the future. We have to plan our new ring road today. The transportation of our city will be more relaxed when this peripheral road starts operating. ”

Negotiations on the military field continue

Noting that an accident on the military road affects Üçgen, President Zolan pointed out that there should be alternative solutions to this road, and that all the work related to the project has been done and that both the tunnel and the road plans are ready. Stating that they made a parliamentary decision on the parts of the ring road that concern the forest and the university, President Osman Zolan said, “Our negotiations and correspondence about the military field continues. I would like to thank our Minister of Economy Mr. Nihat Zeybekci who has not withheld their support from us so far. ”



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