Manisa Cable Car Puzzler

manisa spil cable car
Photo: Manisa Municipality

In the 2015 in Manisa, however, the cable car project, which cannot be taken concrete step due to the difficulties, is also expected by the Manisans.

The project will excite the Manichaeans, from Manisa to Spil and the 7 is expected to be one of the longest lines in the country with a length of more than one kilometer concrete steps can not be taken about the concrete steps.

The official development of the cable car project in 2015 has not been received by official authorities until today. The location of the feet of the cable car that will be installed in Uncubozköy was later announced as the old Police tavern. Lastly, it was shared with the public that the ropeway would start from Uncubozköy. However, no clear steps have been taken to start the ropeway project.

MÜDÜR GENÇOĞLU:: We are the followers MÜ

Nature and National Parks of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs 4. Regional Director Kerim Gencoglu, a kind of unexplained ropeway project made explanations about. Gençoğlu emphasized that the project, which was planned to be completed in 2020, had some shortcomings in terms of development and that they were followers of the situation.

Gençoğlu said that the project is an investment that will add value to Manisa. 7 thousand will have the length of 440 meters will contact the company officials who will make the cable car stating that Young, "health hotel is moving smoothly. The 4 floor was also exited. However, the zoning problem with the cable car has not been solved yet. The related firm is working on this issue. If it cannot be completed on time, our ministry may give additional time according to the excuse. We are also followers of this issue. Iy

The project will be carried out by the Tekinalp group of companies. The lift is expected to have an 60 cabin.



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