The date of tender of the cable car

Maçka Mayor Koray Koçhan made important statements to 61saat.

Koray Koçhan, who gave detailed explanations about the Sumela Monastery, stated that the problem was a rockfall. Restor The restoration of the Sümela Monastery continues quickly but the biggest problem of the Sümela Monastery is the rock fall. When you think about the body of the monastery, it is a monastery built on the inside of the rock in an area of ​​about 300 meters. And since the day it was built, the nature conditions have a heavy stone batting and shedding due to the freezing and melting of the stone wear in the winter conditions. Adding to the trees growing in the rocks in a large rocks in the danger of collapse Sümela faced with the fact that our ministry Sümela Monastery did not take the measure perhaps a large part of the collapsed today, had been open to visit, many people would be injured or perhaps even lost their lives. “Used the expressions.

Koçhan stated that they made the rock breaking process with hilt. The first parts are over. We are now clearing the ticket office where the Sumela is located, the places where the stairs are located, and we'll walk our tourists until the train that runs until that year. In the meantime, we renewed the paths. Stairs were made for wooden people where some people could not leave. At the entrance of the 6 stage, there is a rock slide that is said to be close to the approximate 3 tone, and there is still a stop due to the board, but now it is over at that stop and they will start working. You can see the rocks with the hilt one by one without using an explosive and dig a hole like a needle. Ün He said.

Answering the question as to when the Sumela Monastery will be ready, Kochan "Rock fall job is my guess that 2 will continue until the year, but the critical point in this two years when we solve the door on the door will enter the distance to enter the visitors after that." He said.

Koray Koçhan, who explained the tender date of a long-discussed Maçka cable car, said: Metropolitan says it will tender the ropeways within two months 20 Trillion would be an investment in this investment. Içerisinde

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