Long Distance Crisis Benefits UBER

The news that Newspaper Habertürk brought to the agenda, "Long-distance crisis in the taxi is at the door", had a great impact. Comments rained on from taxi drivers and Istanbulites driving taxis. The criticisms converged on the common denominator "This application puts a good weight on UBER's bread".

Newspaper Habertürk brought the criticism of taxi drivers to the agenda yesterday with the headline 'Long-distance crisis in taxi'. To give a short reminder; The taxis that will take passengers to the 3rd airport, which will be put into service in the coming months, will not be able to take passengers from there. The taxi drivers, who will go tens of kilometers from the city center and return empty, think that a new crisis is at the door for this reason.

In other words, the taxi drivers who will take the passengers from Taksim and Bakırköy to the new airport by traveling 40-50 kilometers are in the riots saying "We do not have the possibility to take passengers from the highway, we will return empty, we will not take passengers to the new airport".

In the meantime, there is an important warning from taxi drivers that the UBER discussions in recent months will be exacerbated by this long distance problem. Namely; The taxi drivers who take passengers to the new airport but cannot take passengers from there said, “We will not be able to take passengers from the airport, but UBER will take it, this is a great injustice. He calls on the city administrators, saying that the rights of taxi drivers must be protected.

Esra Boğazlıyan from Newspaper Habertürk, while expressing all these concerns and reactions, called Eyüp Aksu, the head of the Istanbul Taxi Driver's Chamber, who was in charge of defending the rights of the taxi drivers, and asked her opinions. Aksu said, "Taxi drivers will pay the price for the new airport, it is normal for an outside taxi driver not to pick up passengers."

The news about this 'long distance crisis', which is likely to be on the agenda in a short time, made a big impact yesterday. Comments poured from taxi drivers and Istanbulites traveling by taxi. The comments converged on the common denominator "This job benefits UBER". Especially the taxi drivers said that they will experience great grievances and that there is no official to protect their rights. Here are some of those comments ...

I am a taxi driver and joined the iTaksi system. In other words, I work with the call system established by IMM, and here the taxi driver's performance is evaluated, there is a scoring system. I will not take passengers to the new airport because I will be back empty. In this case, my score in the iTaksi application drops and I leave the system. This issue frustrates iTaksi as well.

I am a taxi driver working at a stop in Beyoğlu. I will not be able to take passengers from the airport, but UBER will come and pick up passengers from there. So where is the justice in that? The taxi drivers both suffer from UBER, and the taxi drivers are victimized by these practices, and oil is put on the bread of UBER.

It is good that the outside taxi passengers to the airport if the cost of the passengers will be paid again.

What is this system, not an incentive to UBER ...

I'll take 40 miles for 100, but I'll be back. I'm gonna stay in traffic that far. So the fuel consumption will increase. That's when I'm going to. I'm going to take one day to the airport.

Eyüp Aksu, the head of the Chamber of Taxi Drivers, said, "It is normal for a taxi driver bringing passengers from outside to not pick up passengers from the airport, they pay the price". Of course he says that, his own taxi runs at the airport.


Günceleme: 22/12/2018 16:01

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