Earthwork Truck Action from KOS in Front of IMM

In the last week 3 earthmoving trucks, which cost more people, were protested in front of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 2 is the mother of university student Şule İdil Dere who was killed by the excavation truck at Yoğurtçu Park years ago. It is not necessary to buy a gun to be a murderer. When you don't do your duty, you can become a killer. In

The Northern Forests Defense and Don Quixote Bicycle Collective came together in front of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in Fatih Saraçhane and acted with the slogan "Stop the terrorist truck terror that destroyed nature, people and Istanbul." Action, 2 years ago Kadıköy Nesrin Aslan, the mother of university student Şule İdil Dere, who passed away under the excavation truck of İBB while walking in Yogurtçu Park, also attended. Aslan said, “I will come here at every opportunity and try to make my voice heard. It is not necessary to be a murderer. You become a killer when you don't do what you have to do. IMM has entered the history of municipality as a 'murderer municipality'. My fight is just beginning. ” Aslan, I see the smiling photos of the appointed mayor, who told İBB President Mevlüt Uysal that he had solved the excavation truck problem. Were you able to bring back the hurt? How can you smile in those photos? ” she reacted.



In a joint statement made on behalf of the Group in Istanbul, 10 is close to a thousand excavation trucks and concrete mixers were pointed out that the last one year, the 30 people died of these trucks was emphasized. The traffic violations of these vehicles in every point of the city due to lack of control has become a recurrent events are now repeated. In particular, the 3. It was emphasized that excavation trucks working at the Airport and North Marmara Highway construction caused fatal accidents in many districts of Istanbul, especially in Arnavutköy, Sarıyer, Kemerburgaz and Göktürk. Nothing was done to prevent accidents, accountants are not asked to account for the account being expressed Öz 22-year-old Özge Kandemir'in the case in the case of the truck driver was not punished. 2 8 a year ago before the excavation of an earthmoving truck, which was taken from us by the excavation of a 'primary flawed' XNUMX person was not even allowed to judge. The statement underlined that all public institutions, especially IMM and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, should put an end to their policies focused on accelerating the construction. to stop all projects that give veren said.

Source: Özlem Güvemli / Sözcü



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