Works in Kocaeli City Square and Underground Car Park at Full Speed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality organized the former governorship building area as city square and closed parking lot. Within the scope of the project, the work on the field is completed. The sidewalks of the road passing through the square were also brought to the level of the square. The pavements were laid from the floor tiles on the square and a integrity was ensured in the area. In the closed parking lot under the square, the work continues. The mechanical work of the semi-automatic parking system in the parking lot is carried out.

Metropolitan Municipality, a new service to Kocaeli kazangetting ready to climb. In this context, great progress has been made in the work of the city square and underground car park, which was carried out in the area used as the governorship in the past. In the car park, there is a three- and two-storey parking system that can move left and right and up and down. The multi-storey car park allows more vehicles to be parked per unit area. He will have a carded site, which the people of the region are eagerly waiting for. The driver, who receives the card at the entrance, will go to the parking lot defined on the card when he gets down to the parking lot. When the card is scanned, the empty and defined parking space will come in front of the driver. When the driver reads his card after leaving his vehicle in the parking lot, the semi-automatic system will move the vehicle to the defined area and ensure that it is parked. This system will be used for the first time in Kocaeli.

Semi-automatic parking systems; It is the systems where the user puts his vehicle directly on the pallet inside the parking system and the lifting and scrolling operations are carried out automatically. Sliding platforms at the entrance level are shifted horizontally and the parking spaces at the upper or lower level are brought to the entrance level vertically.

The project is organized in the form of a subway car park at the upper part of the project is done. Akçaray Yenicuma tram stop close to the project in the project will be an attractive place for indoor parking drivers. The project created to create a spacious square in the city and to solve the parking problem of the region will allow the city to breathe.

Covering the floor of the square, natural stones such as granite and basalt are used. The lighting works will be carried out while the pool pool works. The car park built in the old governor's office will save space. The car park with semi-automatic system will have the capacity of the 357 vehicle. The 6 bin 600 will also provide space for disabled and electric cars in the parking lot.

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