3 in KBU. International Trade Congress Begins

Karabuk University Artı Career Club students organized by 3. Speaking at the International Congress of Trade AK Party Istanbul deputy Text ash, Turkey in particular has expressed its readiness to world trade in the new century with their investment in infrastructure and new transport networks.

. In the next hundred years, world trade will be reshaped and found in the body. Power will shift to the East from the West, would be directly affected by the 65 countries and Turkey to a new dimension will be ready to change the way the world we entrust to you. Know this. Bunu

15 81 184 300 3 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX International Trade Congress started.

3 where university students will be informed by the representatives of the companies on the international level to share their knowledge, experience and experience. AK Party Istanbul deputy to the International Trade Congress Metin Külünk, Rector. Dr. Refik Polat, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Müferra Şinik and Kosovo Parliament Deputy Fikrim Danka, Karabük provincial directors and many guests and students attended.

Speaking at the opening of the event Rector. Dr. Refik Polat expressed his pride in the congress and said, leyen This is the future of this country. We saw this in July on 15. Thanks to these young people, this country has been saved from the FETÖ trap. Bu

Noting the name of the Congress, Rector Polat said today that e-commerce is at a very important point and that today there is no one who said 'I did not shop over the internet'.

“We cannot exist without export“

Speaking at the International Trade Congress, Deputy Metin Külünk said, “It is extremely pleasing that our young brothers show such interest in the Trade Congress. I started my business life by serving the foreign trade sector. Since the 1990s, I have been making my living in this field due to my profession. kazanI do.” said.

Külünk continued his speech by mentioning the importance of exports:

"Percent of Turkey's exports in 1984 70 consisted of agricultural products, industrial products consisted of xnumx'luk percent of exports and also we had a backbone in the hands of the public. If we had not realized the process of industrialization, had not missed it, had realized that the West had globalized its trading power through the process of industrialization, and we understood what it meant as a country that realized it, today we would have the chance to be like the giant of world trade. I don't compare it to China, it's another dimension. Without export. We cannot exist without export. İhracat

N If we could realize that the European market was open to us, our gross national product would be 2-3 trillion “

In his speech, Metin Külünk mentioned the relationship of foreign trade with the development of the country and the level of individual prosperity.

Üze In accordance with the Ankara Agreement, we realized that the European market was opened to us in the implementation process of the 73 provisions and not only through agricultural products, but also through industrial products as an industrialized country. 1970 billion dollars and 150 billion dollars as we put in the non-national income, not today, 500 - 700 trillion dollars caught and very comfortably speaking would be a country point. Today, we see that the foreign trade volume that is approaching 2 billion dollars, the 3 billion dollar export figure, and the share of foreign trade within the non-national product 400 is an almost direct relationship with our country welfare level, the development of our country. X

”We have to prepare ourselves for life by seeing the new point where the world trade can come.“

World trade today is 80 trillion dollars approaching the volume of Külünk noted, an Our percent 1'ler not enough. Today we have to be on 4, 5 or 6. We have to see that China is an export operation. We are obliged to prepare ourselves for life by seeing China's new point of success through the silk road from Beijing to London and 65 on the sea silk road.

"The Economist magazine's cover to transport Turkey is an expression of a disturbance"

The Economist magazine with remains that investment in infrastructure had to move to cover himself stated that Turkey import text ash, "Actually I cover those are the expression of a disturbance. Because the definitions they not Turkey, describes himself as Turkey's next hundred years in the Mediterranean and in the world, the world expressed their discomfort because they see its position as the central power strategic structuring of we must noticed something while they. "He said.

Inda We live in the transportation networks where the world is the strongest “

Turkey in the next hundred years to be ready in every field Link Ashes stated that, "in every sense, both in need of telecommunications transport networks, we live in the land where the world's most powerful. Turkey is ready to Silk Road in London from Beijing. Ready with the Eurasia Tunnel. Ready with Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. This bridge is not just a bridge for vehicles. At the same time the train will pass through the middle lane and the process of preparing for the Silk Road, Turkey's third largest airport in the world. Osman Gazi and Canakkale Bridge. On the other hand, 2023 20 thousand kilometer long train line to be ready until the year. "He said.

Karabuk University Plus Career Club organized by 3. After the opening speeches of the International Trade Congress continued with sessions held by experts in their fields. Congress 4 will end on Friday May.

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