The Basis of New Rail System Lines in Kayseri

Mayor Çelik attended the Chamber of Industry Assembly Meeting and told about the works of Metropolitan Municipality.

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Çelik was the guest of the Chamber of Industry of May. At the meeting, the President made a statement about the work done by the Metropolitan Municipality in three years, said they work at an extraordinary speed.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri Chamber of Industry, President of the Assembly Abidin Özkaya and Chairman of the Board of Directors was met by Mehmet Büyüksimitçi. Speaker of the Assembly after the opening of May Mayor Ozkaya spokesman, the exchange rate, and expressed the views of the exchange rate of the export figures of Kayseri made a statement.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik, the Mayor of the Assembly meeting, told the industrialists about the works of the Metropolitan Municipality in three years. Stating that they have been working at an extraordinary speed in three years, Mayor Çelik said, dik As the works are appreciated, we are running faster with more enthusiasm. Üç

”We are working at 5 THOUSANDS OF 700“
Mayor Mustafa Çelik, who started his presentation with the transportation to his presentation about the works carried out in three years, gave detailed information about the bridged intersections and the boulevards that were constructed and started. Mustafa Çelik, who talked about the road-building and road construction works to relieve the traffic, talked about the work they started on Sivas Street and said:, You will soon see the traffic between Cumhuriyet Square and Forum Kayseri. We're lifting the parking lot here. We're putting 120 inches on the curb. It is our duty to protect tradesmen there; but we are the President of 1 million 350 thousand people. Do you see the people in Ankara, Kizilay, Istanbul, Taksim, Istanbul?

Expressing that public transport is one of the main elements of transportation and told about the investments they made in this sense, the Mayor of Steel stated that they got 110 buses, 14 electric buses and 30 pieces rail vehicles in three years. Steel, which provides information about the new rail system lines, said the two lines will lay the foundation this year.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik, urban transformation, economic support packages to the districts, KASKİ infrastructure infrastructure investments, Beydeğirmeni Besi Region, Kent Ekmek, districts and social life centers in the city center, schools, public buildings, KAYMEK services on investment in people, libraries, culture and arts programs, Science Center, sports activities, especially mass sports, including YADES social projects, such as the subjects of the Chamber of Industry told the members of the Chamber.

President Mustafa Steel, at the end of his words in three years each 1 million and more than the total cost of 1,5 billion TL 742 tender and 5 700 point they are working at the point said.

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