11 More Stations to KAYBİS

kaybis kayseri bicycle
kaybis kayseri bicycle

11 More Stations Arrived at KAYBİS: Kayseri Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. "Smart Bicycle Sharing System" increased the number of stations of KAYBİS to 51. The opening of 11 new stations was made with the 3rd Bicycle Festival of Transportation Inc.

Kayseri has become a popular means of transportation in urban transportation KAYBİS bicycles continue to be an indispensable means of transportation for Kayseri people with increasing number of users and attractive usage advantages. Since the year 2014, Kayseri Transportation A.Ş. Engineered and engineered by its engineers, the bike sharing system expands its service network by increasing its capabilities every year.

Great Interest in Kayseri Festivals

Kayseri Transportation Inc. the new stations opened with the Bike Festival. The festival was held in Mimar Sinan Park and about 3 thousand people attended.

General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu, speaking at the ceremony, said: F Kayseri loved the bike sharing system. As the needs increased, we wanted to improve the system. We came across obstacles when it came to abroad. In this case, we decided to develop the system ourselves. This year we raised our number of stations to 51 and reached 33 thousand users. The highest share bike system in Turkey we have a system with the user. We do this knowledge and accumulation in different cities in 6. We use the bike as part of a bicycle sharing system, not a hobby. We have prepared our infrastructure accordingly Alt.

Various activities were held in the festival area. Especially the children enjoyed the activities. After the event in the festival area, citizens ride on bicycles belonging to KAYBIS and followed Cumhuriyet Street from Sivas Street to Mustafa Kemal Paşa Boulevard. The cyclists who came to Cumhuriyet Square in front of the Melikgazi Municipality completed the bicycle tour in Mimar Sinan Park.

What is KAYBİS?

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