Park in İzmir İnciralaltı Continue to Göztepe by Ring

Izmir Konak Tram Timetables Stations Timetable and Map
Izmir Konak Tram Timetables Stations Timetable and Map

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is starting the Park, Go system, which it has implemented in the Alsancak region, on the İnciraltı Göztepe route as of June 1, 2018. Drivers who leave their vehicles in İnciraltı Çınar Car Park with a capacity of 353 vehicles free ring It will be transported to Göztepe by car. The Metropolitan also includes the monthly subscription fee of the parking lot. 120 TLlowered to .

In order to increase the habit of parking usage in the city center and to prevent private cars from parking on the road routes, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is also launching the "Park, continue" application in İnciraltı for the Alsancak Heroes Parking Lot. Within the scope of the application, which will be launched on June 1, it is aimed to increase the attractiveness of İnciraltı Çınar Parking Lot with a capacity of 353 cars and to ease the parking density in Mithatpaşa Street. Metropolitan Municipality, which began in Göztepe-İnciraltı line "free" shuttles as well as a monthly subscription in the parking lot Cinar also cut 120 TL.

Of landing and boarding, Mithatpaşa Street will be made in special designated stops on the only car on the coast road of the free ring, AASS Tram Stop and Üçkuyular will reportedly stopped at the Ferry Terminal. Those who show the parking lot subscription card or daily parking voucher to the driver can benefit from the ring vehicles.

15 a free time per minute

Ring vehicles, which have been started to be used in the scope of the application, aiming to direct private vehicles parked on the roads to the car parks, will depart from the Inciraltı Çınar Car Park and go to Fahrettin Altay direction from Heydar Aliyev Boulevard. When the vehicles pass the Air Training Command, they will return to Mithatpaşa Street from 16 Street.

The return to the car park will take place from 99/1 Sokak across the Domination Milliye Primary School by taking the Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard.

Services 07.00-23.00 between the weekdays and Saturdays on 15 minutes, Sundays, 30 will travel minutes away.

From which stops?

  • İnciraltı Çınar Parking Lot
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center Bus Stop on 16 Street
  • Opposite Mithatpaşa Street Warehouse Station
  • Fuat Göztepe Park
  • General Directorate of PTT
  • İş Bank Guzelyali Branch
  • Goztepe Bus Station
  • Göztepe Bus Station - Vali Konağı Bus Station
  • Göztepe Storey Car Park
  • Susuzdede Park
  • AASSM Tram Stop
  • Üçkuyular Ferry Terminal
  • İnciraltı Çınar Parking Lot

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