Surprise of Marmaray Voyage

marmaray corba
marmaray corba

Marmaray passengers who could not catch the fast, opened their fast with lentil soup served at Kazlıçeşme station. Tastes formed long tail of passengers for soup boiled with bone water remaining on the palate.

Zeytinburnu Municipality continues to offer soup to citizens caught on the way to iftar during Ramadan. Marmaray passengers caught on the way to the evening prayer had their iftar with hot lentil soup served by Zeytinburnu Municipality. Passengers sipping the hot soup boiled with bone broth, steaming on top of the adhan, with pleasure, cevizli He fed him well with bread and dates.


Stating that they are very happy with the interest they received in the soup offering where long queues are formed, Zeytinburnu Municipality Soup Kitchen Manager Muhammed Güneş said, “Our citizens cannot reach their homes during iftar in Ramadan, and we do not forget our passengers. Lentil soup that we boil with bone broth for hours in large cauldrons every evening at iftar time, cevizli We break our fast together with our citizens by offering bread, dates and water. For 30 days Cevizlivineyard tram and metrobus stop, Marmaray Kazlicesme station, Merkezefendi Mosque, 15 July Square and Municipal Square in our catering continues uninterrupted. We are very pleased with the intense interest we have faced. Kul


Sinan Develi, one of the passengers who took a breath of soup, said, “I am a teacher, I got out of school, but I was caught on the way to iftar. When I came down from Marmaray, I came across the soup service at the stop. The first time I tasted it tasted really nice. The intense consistency also has a distinctive flavor. Health in the hands of those who do. ”

In the month of Ramadan, Zeytinburnu Municipality, which brings thousands of people together in Square and Street Iftar and runs to the aid of the citizens caught on the iftar road, CevizliVineyard metrobus and tram stop, Marmaray Kazlıçeşme station, Merkezefendi Mosque, 15 July Square and Municipality Square, soup for 3 thousand citizens every evening, cevizli He offers bread, dates and water.



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