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izmir guzelbahce pier opened hd original
izmir guzelbahce pier opened hd original

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality reduced the boarding fee to 2.86 liras in order to encourage sea transportation in Güzelbahçe, its new route in sea transportation. The new tariff starts from tomorrow (Friday, 1 June 2018).

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has made significant moves in the sea transportation with its fleet equipped with the latest technology ships, 18 reduced the single boarding ticket ticket to 2.86 liras. In order to increase the share of maritime transport in public transportation and to implement an encouraging application for the purpose of expanding the route, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will make the first scheduled voyage with the new scheduled scheduled ferry by 1 on Friday. The price list of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's new tariff is as follows; ”Full ticket: 2.86, Teacher: 2.20, Student and 60 age boarding pass: 1.65, 3.5 ticket: 1 credit, Staff card: 1 credit.“

Weekday and weekend ferry timetables

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Guzelbahce ferry services on weekdays KarşıyakaStarts at 06.40. He leaves from Konak to Güzelbahçe at 06.55. The same ferry departs from Güzelbahçe İskele at 07.35 and reaches Konak at 08.15.

İZDENİZ ships departing from Konak at 18.00 in the evening will be at Güzelbahçe at 18.40. Moving from Güzelbahçe İskele at 19.30, the ship went to Konak at 20.10 and at 20.25. Karşıyaka Reaching the pier.

On the weekends KarşıyakaThe boat departs from 09.05 and reaches Güzelbahçe at 09.20. Moving from Güzelbahçe to 10.00, Konak arrives at 10.30 and arrives at Alsancak at 11.10. Evening hours at 11.25 KarşıyakaThe ship, going from Konak to Konak direction, arrives at Güzelbahçe at 18.00:21.00. İZDENİZ, which made its last expedition from Güzelbahçe at 21.40:21.55, to Konak at XNUMX and at XNUMX. Karşıyaka's reaching.



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