Ghost Ships to be Brought to Economy

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that efforts to clean up abandoned sunken or semi-sunken ships, called “ghosts arasında among the people, have been accelerated. " said.

Arslan, in his statement, particularly in the Marmara Sea, collision, ashore or half-sunken ships damaged due to landlocked reasons or abandoned due to legal disputes polluted seas and coasts, he said.

Stating that the ships in question are not owned, legal procedures take a long time and there are no results from the efforts to remove the bureaucracy in the past, Arslan reminded that the relevant articles of the Turkish Commercial Code have been amended in order to speed up the process.

Arslan noted that with the amendment of the law, the legal disputes concerning dozens of ships polluting ports and seas could not be solved and in January this time they changed the Ports Law and said: efforts were given to speed up the cleaning. konu

Underlining what they do to protect the seas, Arslan said, önce We owe first of all to humanity, then to future generations, children and grandchildren. It is also the cleanliness of our environment and our seas. Land

“Authority was given to the port authorities”

Arslan stressed that with the amendment, the vessels that pose a risk at the ports are transported to safe areas in emergency situations and the way for the sales operations to be carried out quickly, Arslan said that the said ships will be cleaned quickly with the works initiated.

Arslan recalled that the authority to take the necessary measures, including the sale and taking measures of the sunken or semi-sunken ships, was given to the port authorities and said: da Within this scope, the port authorities immediately initiated an operation on the 25 ship and completed the sales of the 2 ship. We plan to sell most of them to be dismantled by the end of the year. Thus, we will clean both our seas and our environment. Bulundu

Zarar The damage caused by these ships will be eliminated ”

Noting that the seas will be cleaned from abandoned shipwrecks or semi-sunken ships as well as providing a significant return in terms of the use of national resources, Arslan stated that the idle ships with billions of dollars worth of cargo were also burdened by the shipowners and that they had to languish at ports due to disputes.

Mez It is not worth repairing ”for this kind of ships abandoned to decay because it is considered to be sold without harming the environment and without losing its value, Arslan said,“ Thus, by bringing these ships to the economy, both our country and the companies will be saved from billions of pounds. The dangers posed around the ships will also be eliminated. ”

“The dismantling of Tallas begins”

Arslan, derelict and abandoned Cambodia with foreclosure orders bayraklı He said that the procedures regarding the ship named Tallas were completed in this context.

Arslan reminiscent of the drifting due to bad weather conditions on February 4 Ahirkapi anchored ship on the shore of Zeytinburnu Arslan, decaying the ship due to decay and polluting the coast of this ship was auctioned by the port chairmanship auction.

Arslan, the ship in question will start tomorrow, dismantling, will be removed in a short time to be removed from the beach told.

Minister Arslan, the ministry of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as a result of working with the synergy of all ships in the scope of the shores will be cleared quickly.

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