Free Parking Service for Disabled Vehicles in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality made a special arrangement for disabled people in the World Disability Week. Handicapped people who register the plates of disabled vehicles will be able to use the free parking garages of the Metropolitan Municipality free of charge.

The Metropolitan Municipality provided free parking for disabled people. The vehicle license for the disabled, the owner of the vehicle with a disabled, a special vehicle registered with the name plate, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. the right to use this right provided that they register to the parking lot.

Handicapped people who register their license plates will be able to use the roadside parking spaces for 2 hours per day and free parking spaces at 6 hours per day. In case the free usage period is exceeded, the parking charges due to the time-out will be charged to the vehicle user or the registration holder via the normal tariff.



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