Ecological Bridge Projects for Wild Animals Continue

The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs continues to build ecological bridges for wild animals on highways within the scope of the Project on the Deaths of Wild Animals (KARAYAP). The project prevents the loss of life and property caused by wildlife-related traffic accidents.

The studies to be carried out within the scope of the Project on the Deaths of Wild Animals (KARAYAP) will determine the points where wildlife related accidents occur frequently. Ecological barriers (upper-underpass) are formed in sensitive areas and 'ecological bridges and viaducts' are formed. In addition, the General Directorate of Highways will be informed and new roads and railways will be built in the light of these data to ensure the construction of ecological bridges.

Building an Ecological Bridge to Soma

The ecological bridge project, which was previously implemented at the Tarsus-Ankara Motorway and on the Northern Environmental Highway in Istanbul, is now adding a new one. The construction of the ecological bridge, which started to be constructed in the part of the İzmir-İstanbul Motorway passing through the Soma District, continues rapidly. It is planned to be completed within this year and will prevent the habitat division to be experienced during highway construction and many other wild animals such as roe deer, pigs, jackals, rabbits and foxes will be able to cross the highway easily.

Motorways Wild Life Causes Dividing of Living Spaces

The road and rail network is rapidly expanding to meet the needs that arise as a result of the economic and industrial developments in our country. However, these developments adversely affect wildlife. In particular, the highway and divided roads from the transport lines lead to the division of wildlife habitats and forests. The resulting divisions lead to the formation of smaller plant and animal populations independent of each other, and the species becoming more susceptible to depletion. In addition, the roads passing through the living areas of wild animals treat traffic accidents and cause loss of life and property.

Projects to be continued after that

Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Dr. Veysel Eroğlu stated that they thought about the wild life during the construction of the transportation network that was offered to the service of the people.

. We ensure the construction of ecological bridges by considering wild animals, especially when making roads. Thanks to the project, we aim to prevent wild animals from surviving and to prevent possible traffic accidents. We will continue to take care of our wildlife by continuing such projects as before. Bugün

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