Will Foreign Exchange Increase Influence Aircraft and Train Ticket Prices

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Arslan, who attended the traditional iftar program organized by the Istanbul Airports Correspondents' Association, informed about the increase in foreign exchange markets whether it will affect the prices of aircraft and railway tickets.

In response to questions from members of the press before the end of the Minister Arslan said in a statement on whether the increase in the exchange rate will affect the prices of airplanes and railway tickets.

Highlights from the statements of the Minister of Transport Arslan;

Especially, most of our airport revenues related to air tickets are indexed to foreign exchange, so our costs are indexed to foreign exchange.

But everyone knows that this is a speculative and temporary blow. We never move day by day.

We do not move with a monthly data. We are moving with the average of long term data. Therefore, we do not take any action in this sense.

There is no increase in Hakeza train tickets in the same way. No one comes into this expectation. Moreover, these blowing figures will soon come back to the original place.

They want us to give day-to-day answers with the games they are pushing us.

With all due care, they need to know that we are going to take daily steps as a big country, a strong economy and especially a government that cares about economic stability.

It is out of the question for us to increase the fare for tickets in aviation and railways right now.

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