Domestic and National Base Station

messenger base station
messenger base station

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan: In order to avoid duplicate investments in fiber optic infrastructure, we will launch a joint use, development and operation of fiber optic infrastructure with the presence of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım next week.

In his speech at the commissioning ceremony of ULAK, the first domestic and national base station in Kars Cultural Center, Arslan said that the future will become much more meaningful with the information and communication age, and that they are working to expand the communication sector and move the country to the top in this field with this awareness.

Arslan stated that their goal is to bring advanced information and communication technologies to citizens and to complete the process of information society in every corner of the country, and emphasized that they want the national and national production to be maximized in all areas.

Arslan stated that the use of products produced with local and national facilities is mandatory in the universal service projects they carry out as a ministry. For the second phase, 799 settlements, we predicted the rate of residence by 10 percent and increased it to 43 percent. Thus, we support the formation of the national communication industry as a ministry. These works have started to bear fruit. ” he spoke.

Indicating that ULAK is the first domestic and national 4,5G base station, Arslan pointed out that ULAK is a giant step taken in the field, which closely concerns national security such as communication and is a must in national production.

Joint investment in fiber

Referring to the project for joint use of fiber optic infrastructure, Arslan said, “In order to avoid duplicate investment in fiber optic infrastructure, we will launch a joint launch, development and operation of fiber optic infrastructure with the advances of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.” used the expression.

Arslan stated that the investment of each operator will reach 25 billion liras if each of the operators invested separately in the coming period. “If Türk Telekom is invested separately, other operators will invest approximately 10 billion liras. With the said launch, the need will be met with an investment of 25 billion liras instead of 4 billion liras. ” said.

We started receiving data from our experimental satellite.

Space X company's Falcon 9 rocket with the Aerospace and Aeronautics Directorate General and the Istanbul Technical University, the experimental satellite was launched and placed in the orbit transferring Arslan, said data began to be received from the satellite in question.

Providing information about the Kars Smart City Project, Arslan said that with the project, resource savings will be maximized and city security will be provided much more effectively. Arslan made a teleconference over ULAK, the local base station established in Akdere and Karakale villages of Kars.

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