Led Traffic Lights are Installed at Intersections in Çorum

Adding a new one to its efforts to increase traffic safety, Çorum Municipality moved to the next generation led aluminum signaling system at the intersection in front of the governorship.

Deputy Mayor Turhan Candan stated that they continue their activities in order to increase pedestrian and vehicle safety in the city center.

Candan said, “In addition, the same colored LED lamps on the poles to which the signal lamps are connected will light up in traffic lights. Thanks to this system, the color of the traffic lights can be seen by the drivers even from long distances. Stating that the study received great appreciation from the drivers, it was a successful study in terms of increasing the attractiveness of Kent Square by the location that the signaling work was implemented at the intersection in front of the governor in the first place. Cost of 200 thousand TL, a new generation of LED aluminum signaling work will be implemented later at the junction Akşemseddin.


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