Channel Istanbul Ready For Earthquake

Disposing of a solid foundation of Turkey's Kanal İstanbul project will increase the distinction of being strategic country and irresponsible to complete all tests completed its economic life. Tsunami tests were also carried out successfully in case of an earthquake origination.

100, 500, 2 bin 400 annual seismicity studies were carried out on the route. The intensity of the channel was also studied. In addition, earthquake-induced tsunami studies were conducted. The study of the wind data, ground and geological status of the Black Sea-Marmara region was studied. It has also been learned that many leading companies of the world are already preparing for the tender-operate-transfer part of the complex and that they have initiated works to take part in the tender of the channel.

In order to increase the revenue generated from sea tourism within the scope of Channel Istanbul, 2 yacht marina will be built, and in the year 2035 and 60 accommodation and mooring ports of the government will be planned. These ports are also expected to be tendered within the scope of the construction and transfer model with the planned container port and islands.

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