Minister Tüfenkci: "The First Customs and Trade Center Will Be Established in Istanbul"

The Minister of Customs and Trade Bülent Tüfenkci stated that they created the Customs and Trade Center Model in order to get more shares from the global logistics market. we will acquire a facility equipped with an infrastructure and managed with an innovative approach. ” said.

The Minister of Customs and Trade Bülent Tüfenkci pointed to the importance of trade and logistics in his speech at the opening of the Customs and Trade Center Joint Mind Conference organized by the Ministry of Customs and Trade General Directorate of Liquidation Services.

Tüfenkci emphasized that the importance of the logistics sector, which constitutes the infrastructure of international trade, is increasing day by day, and therefore they should produce logistics or e-commerce companies to operate at global level.

Logistics sector TÜFENKÇİ of 10 years, indicating that the goal should be to remove future of global brands, "Turkey, on logistics and e-commerce global interests must be more than one brand." said.

The future of Turkey's success stories voicing hit the road with a model building efforts in order to write TÜFENKÇİ, logistics and supply chain of the result of the increased production and outsourcing the management stressed that the global economic system begins to become one of the most critical issues.

Tüfenkci noted that countries with good logistics performance have increased their national income and foreign trade, in addition, a 10 percent reduction in export costs in one country has increased 4,7 percent in the country's total exports.

Tüfenkci said that the share of logistics costs in the final product is between 10 and 15 percent in developed countries. .

Emphasizing that an effective logistics system and supply chain management has become very critical in the global economy at this point, Tüfenkci stated that approximately 15 percent of the costs in the world trade is composed of customs transactions, and a decrease of 1 percent in this rate will contribute approximately 40 billion dollars to the world economy.

- “Facilitating trade is among our priority”

Bulent TÜFENKÇİ the logistics industry in the last 10 years, 1,9 billion dollars that attracted foreign capital investment and cargo capacity stating that 4-fold increase achieved significant increase in container volumes at the sector's current and national income in the 14 percent share of 400 thousand people is employed, Turkey ' explained that the size of logistics activities reached 150 billion liras.

Turkey is the examination of the logistics performance in 160 countries "2016 Year of Logistics Performance Index" report that ranks 34 transfer TÜFENKÇİ, said they would do their utmost to get involved in higher places in this ranking. TÜFENKÇİ of Turkey is a long way to go in the logistics industry and reported that the steps to be taken in this area.

Logistics Performance Index criteria on individual works that they transfer TÜFENKÇİ in order to increase Turkey's share in the competitive global economy, this performance is further emphasized trade facilitation in order to move it up and they undertook important work to develop.

Tüfenkci, who touched on the innovations and applications developed within this scope, said that the security of the supply chain, the facilitation of trade and the protection of consumer rights are among the priorities of the ministry. Within this framework, Tüfenkci stated that they set out with a different understanding in the establishment of the logistics centers, which are among the duties assigned to the ministry, continued his speech:

“We wanted that this model, which we call the Customs and Trade Center and which will be a different version of logistics centers, should handle security and facilitation in a balanced way. Let's not compromise on security, but let's make it as easy as possible. But we wanted to create a system in which all the actors of the trade can find a place in these centers, not only transport, transfer. We anticipate that it will include many innovations and advantages in terms of customs and trade operations by designing the Customs and Trade Centers, which will bring together customs administrations, warehouses, carriers and other foreign trade actors, as centers of excellence. ”

- “We create this model to mobilize potential”

Customs and Trade Minister TÜFENKÇİ of Turkey, stressing that has significant advantages for logistics centers will provide services on a global level, the geopolitical importance of the country, he pointed to the advantages of taking place between Europe and Asia.
Turkey's west of world trade, 40 percent of the structures that Europe, east of the world 25 percent of the structures where the location is reminiscent of TÜFENKÇİ Asian trade, the 4-hour flight to Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North 1,6 billion potential customers in Africa and that he had easy access to a $ 28 trillion market.

TÜFENKÇİ of Turkey, despite these advantages, e-commerce logistics or the failure to remove a global brand that demonstrated that adequate steps to be taken, he said, so the importance of Customs and Trade Center has to offer.

aimed at reviving the historic Silk Road, 65 countries covering and a $ 1 trillion investment envisaged "A Generation, a Road Project" that the middle significant opportunities for Turkey is located in the hallway offers express TÜFENKÇİ was said:

“We are creating the Customs and Trade Center Model in order to activate all this potential and get more shares from the global logistics market. By using many innovative approaches in planning, financing and management, we aim to add a significant added value to the Turkish economy and business world. The basic approach of our model is 'comprehensive and professional planning', 'bringing together all the stakeholders of the logistics industry', 'modern facilities and multi-modal transportation infrastructure', 'incentive and facilitated customs operations', 'business and management model with public-private partnership' it carries the principles. ”

- “The first one will be established in Istanbul”

Bülent Tüfenkci stated that they planned to establish the first Customs and Trade Center in Istanbul and pointed to the advantages and importance of the city.

Tüfenkci pointed out that the government has signed giant projects for Istanbul and continued to throw at it. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Northern Marmara Motorway, Eurasia Tunnel, Marmaray and Istanbul New Airport projects were mentioned.

Tüfenkci said, “The Canal Istanbul Project, which is planned to relieve intense sea traffic in the Bosphorus, one of the busiest waterways in the world, increase its safety and make it easier to manage, will carry Istanbul's role in the logistics arena to the global arena. it will be a giant leap forward. ” said.

Touching on the population, import, export and trade of Istanbul, Tüfenkci stated that there are 1 warehouses with a capacity of approximately 284 million square meters and 1,4 temporary storage areas with a total capacity of 46 million square meters, operating under the permission and control of the ministry.

Tüfenkci said, “Hopefully, we will provide our facility, which is an international trade base, equipped with advanced infrastructure, which is equipped with an international trade base, with our Customs and Trade Centers, one of which will be established on the Anatolian side and the other on the European side.” he spoke.

Referring to the feasibility study related to the Customs and Trade Centers, Tüfenkci stated that the study was carried out together with an academic team from the General Directorate of Liquidation Services and Yıldız Technical University.


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