ARUS Attends li International Rail Industry Meetings B2B Business Interviews AR

Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster participated in destek International Rail Industry Meetings Ulaşım B17B business meetings held in Valenciennes, France, within the scope of 046.URGE.2 inde Anatolian Rail Transport Systems Cluster Export Development görüş project supported by the Ministry of Economy.

ARUS Cluster 17.URGE.046, supported by the Ministry of Economics Bozankaya, Aselsan, ASAS, Tudemsas, Kardemir, Era Electronics, Emre Ray, Ulusoy Electronics, Metroray, Atalar Machinery, Er Copper, Alpin Chemicals, Atak Hydraulics, Epsilon NDT, RC Industry and joined with On Electronics companies. ARUS members held a total of 210 interviews with international rail system sector companies to increase cooperation and export. In addition, ARUS has made a joint decision with the organization company to make the “International Rail Systems“ event in our country in 2019.



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