Are the Locomotives Kurtuluş Trains Cannot Share in Amasya?

In Amasya, two antique locomotives that museums cannot share remain in mystery. According to the researches, it is estimated that antique locomotives used coal and arms shipment between Istanbul and Anatolia during World War I and Independence War.

It is estimated that two antique locomotives, which museums could not share in Amasya, shipped coal and weapons during World War I and the War of Independence. It is believed that two steam locomotives of 1 and 1895 in Amasya, which carry coal to prevent Istanbul from running out of power, also ship arms to the Black Sea and Anatolia during the War of Independence. Amasya Governor Osman Varol said that they will create a commission to find out what these two trains were used during the Ottoman Empire period. "We will present this to the world by concreting that they made a great contribution to the struggle for liberation, and then exhibiting it in the city museum."

Governor Varol, who stated that one of the locomotives used in coal transportation in Suluova district of Amasya and which was used for coal transportation in Eski Çeltek Coal Plant under the Special Provincial Administration for 1895 years, reached the information that they worked on the railway line built to meet the energy needs of İsanbul. The coal of the power plant, which meets the electricity needs of Istanbul, was brought from Zonguldak by sea. However, as a result of the pressure that Russia exerted on the sea during the war, that line became useless, a serious electricity problem started to emerge in Istanbul. Considering the solution to this, it is desired to benefit from lignite reserves in the Çamlı village region. For this, it is desired to quickly build a railway line. One of the locomotives, on this line, regularly carries coal from lignite reserves in the Ağlıli region to the power plant near Istanbul, preventing the state's capital from being left without power in those difficult days of the war. There is information that the same locomotive was also used in the service of the Kuva-i Milliye forces that carried weapons secretly from Istanbul to certain parts of Anatolia after the First World War. In addition, although there is no proof, there are serious allegations that one of these locomotives is used to secretly carry the weapons supplied for the national struggle from the Italian occupation region to the interiors of Anatolia, the missed or somehow obtained weapons. ”

Governor Varol stated that the German Locomotive Club wanted to buy the locomotives in 1987 and 1988, and that the Rahmi Koç Industrial Museum aspired the locomotives to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who came to Samsun on May 19, 1919, on 22 June 1919. announced that it will be exhibited in the museum planned to be established in the city it published.

Governor Varol finally said; Tem We will also conduct a deeper investigation into the more scientific basis of research, to reveal more concrete information about the history of these locomotives. We will establish a commission from the people who are knowledgeable about history and show the world by demonstrating in a concrete way what kind of places they are used for, where they are used, and especially in the struggle for liberation.

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