Ankara Traffic Training Center Awaits Tiny Guests

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's renewed traffic education center opened its doors to young students

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Training Center, which offers free education about traffic rules to children, has been completely renewed.

The center, which opens its doors in its renewed form, teaches the rules of the little ones at an early age. The traffic education center, which is built on an area of ​​3 thousand square meters within the Kurtuluş Park, is taught to children in practice.

Thanks to the Center, which aims to raise awareness of children about traffic rules, it becomes easier for them to adapt to traffic rules when they get a driver's license.


Since the 1998 into service, the school has been providing traffic training to thousands of children in the center.

In the center where students benefit free of charge; From the lower and upper pass to the pedestrian crossing, from the two lane roads to the traffic lights, the whole traffic arrangement is designed exactly the same.

Intensive demand comes from the center, where the training building, runway asphalt, sidewalks, rotating-lighted and non-lighted intersections, pedestrian crossings and traffic signs are completely renovated.


Traffic and Education Center, where a miniature Ankara is designed with its streets and streets, intersections and bridges, the children come to traffic with the help of cordless vehicles after theoretical and practical training.

Children of all age groups studying in primary and secondary schools can benefit from the Center, which is trained in the form of 35 groups of 2 people in the morning and afternoon. In order for students to receive education at the center, school administrations must make an appointment by calling the phone number '507 15 38'.


In the Metropolitan Municipality Children's Traffic Education Center, where the children learn everything about traffic with fun, traffic training is given with trainers.

Children who learn the traffic signs at an early age, after the theoretical courses, hands-on training. All information is provided in the center, such as what to do while crossing the road, the rules of signaling and even the use of bicycles. In the last stage of the training, the miniatures on the miniature track with the power tools are applied by the drivers one by one.

Children who are educated in a wide area with school buildings, market places, overpasses and traffic signs; learn how to pay attention to traffic rules, pay attention to traffic safety in traffic and how valuable human life is.


Aşkın Tuna Ay, a 9-year-old boy who came to the Traffic Training Center with her teachers, said her thoughts after the training: “We received traffic education with battery powered cars and we had a lot of fun. We received gifts after the training. Thank you very much to the Metropolitan Municipality ”.

Explaining that he learned the right and wrong information in traffic to the finest detail, 9-year-old Beren Başpınar said, “We came here with my teachers and learned the traffic rules and what we would do in traffic one by one. We also used battery powered cars, it was very enjoyable. ”He expresses his satisfaction with the education he received.



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