CHP's Yeşil Ask Is There Is An International Metrobus Vehicle Cartel Ring Into Havaray

Stating that havaray is a rail options cost less than the Metro CHP Ankara deputy Nihat Green, public transport lines and in particular can be easily integrated with the Metro in Ankara about the monorail transport modes and done I asked for the tender offer and the fate of Turkey.

Çağdaş Is the claim that this modern monorail transportation type, which is less costly than the Metro, is delayed in our metropolitan cities by the international tire wheeled public transport cartel? “

The subjects asked to the Minister of Transport Ahmet ASLAN were moved to the agenda of the Assembly:

Here is the proposal:


I would like to inform you that the following questions should be answered in writing by Mr. Ahmet Aslan, the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs.

1. How many kilometers of suggestions line as a subway and light rail system were included in the investment program in Ankara province? How many kilometers of lines are under construction?

2.Investment programs; It can also be integrated with other public transport systems.

Is there any transportation system called monorail or havaray which is widely used in European cities?

dissemination of our metropolitan cities of Turkey Monorail, this contemporary modes of transport which cost less than xnumx.metro, International tire Is it true that the alleged delay by the cartel wheeled public transport?

4. Are there any project line proposals that are on the agenda by your Ministry in Ankara or conveyed to the ministry by the municipalities about monorail transportation? If yes, at what stage?

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