Will I Have a Rail System in Alanya?

Meeting with members of the press in Alanya, Türel said that they will open the Alanya Wholesaler Market before the elections with the solid waste integrated facility that will turn Alanya's trash into gold. Türel stated that the target is 2023 for Alanya highway and high speed train projects.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, who met with journalists after the iftar program he attended in Alanya, answered his questions. President Türel answered the question about the abolition of the coordinators: “Coordinatorship was my invention and I was the first to implement it. It was exemplary in many municipalities in Turkey. But these authorities did not work as well as everywhere. In some districts in Ankara, coordinators have completely become the alternative of district mayors. Big problems have arisen and become unsolvable. The issue was submitted to our President. Considering that this subject is no longer sustainable, coordinating authority for the removal of the whole of Turkey emerged decision. In the letter from the Ministry of the Interior, the coordinators were prevented from returning to their posts as advisors or in another capacity, and the control was also requested by the Antalya Governorship. If I had other coordinator friends, especially Hüseyin Güney, as a consultant, I would have had legal problems. For this reason, we could not perform such an assignment. ”

Openings before selection

Turks who will generate electricity from the trash of Alanya about 70 million pounds investment Turks Integrated Waste Assessment and Disposal Facility construction is progressing very fast and 60'lerinin indicating that the level of the Türel, X This environmentalist plant will be completed by the end of the year. Alanya litter will be one of the rare districts that get electricity from the trash we will say gold. Alanya

Noting that they have been a very big wholesaler in Alanya with a total investment of 100 millions, President Türel said that they aim to open the project before the local elections. Türel stated that they decided not to start because the projects of Atatürk Street Project and Alanya Terminal would not be raised until the election.

Common mind in public transportation

Upon problems of public transportation in Alanya, President Türel said: ilgili It is necessary to solve the mass transportation problem of Alanya radically. There's no way to settle the west in the east. There is a smart card system working in the center of Alanya. According to the data we wanted to make a route plan. However, there is no card system in other regions. First of all, the transportation tradesmen need to agree. We will try to develop a common mind. Bir

Rail system may not be efficient

President Türel, Alanya will be a rail system? He answered: sistem The rail system is not efficient in cities under a million inhabitants. A rail system in Alanya may not be very efficient according to the population data and the number of trips. Alanya's transportation master plan is not correct. We completed transportation master plans in all districts of Antalya by conducting a detailed study at intersections with particular focus. At the intersections of Telecom and Trade High School, the construction of a multi-level interchanged junction is a suggested point as a result of our transportation master plan. Tel

Highway and fast train destination 2023

President Menderes Turel, Antalya-Alanya highway on the question about the project, üzerine Ministry of Development, approval, build-operate will be transferred with the transfer. In a few years, I think construction will begin. The target 2023 for the completion of the high-speed train. We have extended the line from Konya to Gazipaşa in the high speed train. There is also a high-speed train to 2023. X

Very good data in tourism

Türel, who was also included in the tourism evaluation, said, X This year, the data in tourism is going very well. We make these estimates based on aircraft slots. Gazipasa Alanya Airport is also a very good point in these aircraft slots. Tourism 14 year was the stop of the year, 2016 year of the walking year, 2017 is the running year, I interpret. I hope this year in tourism tourism 2018 all together, we'll excite our tourism, we will move to a good point UM he said.

We solved the zoning problems

Noting that they have solved many problems related to the development plans of Alanya, President Türel said, d Alanya does not have a plan for 25. Here we are. Had it not been for the metropolitan law would still be waiting for Alanya's 25 millennium plan. We have solved many zoning problems today called Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel. In the past, these zoning plans were made by the district municipality. 5 thousand and 25 thousand should be taken to Ankara to approve. Now under his seat, Adam Murat the President is coming to me this week, the other week he spends his plan Ad.

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