3. Siri model at the airport

Turkey's mega projects to third airport "meet-routing" begins to serve the race for robot sales. The companies sit down to negotiate on May 14th. If the agreement is reached, the robots to be purchased will start serving at the Airport as of October 29. Turkey Informatics Association (TBD) Chairman Rahmi Aktepe with management board members, Turkey's first humanoid robot factory visited Akin Robotics. Özgür Akın, President of Akıncısoft, who aspires to services at the 3rd airport with the Mini Ada series humanoid robot, said, “We produced a prototype for the airport. In the first place, 5 pieces are requested. Then it will be 20, then the number will increase. The use of domestic and national robots at the new airport would be an honor for all of us ”.

Stating that humanoid robots will take place more in daily life, Akın said, “The servo motor that provides speed and acceleration control in the robot is worth 3 thousand dollars and this was imported. "We have reduced the cost of humanoid robot to one fifth by producing our domestic servo". Stating that they are now producing a four-legged robot, Akın said, “We also named it Arat. With the completion of Arat, the two-legged Akıncı will be able to ride on the four-legged Arat and serve together ”.

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