40 Million People I meet in Turkey with the YHT

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, 40 million people said they carry high-speed train so far

Arslan, held in Congresium Ankara 10th World High Speed ​​Rail Congress and in his speech at the opening of the Fair, as Turkey's position in Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea is the intersection of the area where the basin, this region's social, cultural and economic fabric of Turkey He said that he defined Europe and Asia as the natural center.

Historic Silk Road, Turkey's in the heart of the position, 3-3,5 hours of flight, no pointing Arslan geography to reach the air in approximately 60 countries, the country's east-west and expressed that the most important central countries of the north-south axis.

Arslan, road and rail corridors, Asia-Europe connection of drawing attention to the most important transportation options, Turkey's high-speed railways and the railway industry should be stressed that the global supply of characters.

Arslan emphasized that he considered the congress as a platform for the determination of the needs of this geography and the sustainable sharing of the techniques and applications of high-speed railway technologies. He said that important outputs would be obtained from the congress in sharing the information regarding sustainable and competitive operations.

Arslan, Turkey considers important to the extent indispensable for the railways have been neglected for 50 years Recalling that Turkey After 2003 this issue has become a state policy, and said the investment was made.

Railways Arslan providing information about the investments made so far in Turkey it said it carried 40 million people with high-speed trains.

Reminding that the Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line is planned to be completed in the next year and the Ankara-İzmir high-speed rail line in two years, Arslan said, “Thus, we aim to complete one of the most important axes of the railway corridor connecting Asia Minor and Asian countries on the Silk Road route.” he spoke.



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