Halkalı-Uzunköprü Train Flights started as of 1 May

TCDD which has not been done for a long time and is highly demanded Halkalı - Uzunköprü train service 1 started as of May. The train departs from Uzunköprü to 10.00 every day. Halkalı 17.41 Çerkezköywill pass through. Worker Çerkezköyin the 1 May Workers' Day in Turkey began to delights the citizens.

The trains, which the citizens had been waiting for months, began at 1 May Labor and Solidarity Day. First time at 08.30 Halkalıhas moved. Train at 10.00 ÇerkezköyHe moved to Uzunköprü after taking his passengers. Halkalı- Transportation between Uzunköprü took 3.5 hours.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Halkalı-Uzunköprü train service will be held once a day mutually. According to this train HalkalıThe clock will move at 08.30. Train at 10.00 Çerkezköywill be. After taking the passengers from here, they will immediately move to Uzunköprü. The train is planned to be in Uzunköprü district of Edirne at 12.00.

The turn will start at Uzunköprü Train Station at 15.40. Train at 17.41 Çerkezköy, the time is at 19.14 Halkalıis scheduled to be.

HalkalıIspartakule, Çatalca, located between uleUzunköprü Çerkezköy, Çorlu, Muratlı, Seyitler, Karabeyli, Luleburgaz, Alpullu, Pehlivanköy stations also visited the train price list was as follows. HalkalıThe full ticket from 21,00 TL, Ispartakule 19,50 TL, Çatalca 17,50 TL, Çerkezköy 13,00 TL, Çorlu 10,00 TL, Muratlı 8,50 TL, Seyitler 7,00 TL, Karabeyli 7,00 TL, Lüleburgaz 5,50 TL, Alpullu 5,50 TL, Pehlivanköy station tickets were determined as 3,50 TL.

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