Our Governor Gül: "Zara Will Have Fast Train In 2023"

Governor of Sivas Davut Gül visited Zara district and visited the village headmen.

Addressing the headmen at the Zara Municipality Wedding Hall, Governor Gül stated that the district goes further each year and said, “Every day one is missing. Now we have started to receive so many services that the services have returned to routine. Zara will have a high-speed train in 2023. Natural gas is a great blessing and this investment has reached our Zara district. Turkey's being done here the best Teachers. TOKİ Houses were just tendered. More than 600 houses will be built. When we look at the rural infrastructure, we are giving paving stones over 100 thousand square meters this year and we gave it more this year. This year, we will maintain and repair all of our existing asphalt roads. ”

Speaking of both the drought and the need for drinking water related to drinking water, Gül said, “If you have a water supply, but you do not have enough water, we will plan and bring it sooner or later. We know that our migrant nurses have requests for the land. We created a secretariat in the Special Administration. If there is a land owned by the public and the treasury, we will give it to the people who demand it in the village and those who are outside that village at a suitable price. Our goal is to have a connection with Sivas of the first generation, but to ensure that the bonds of the second and third generations are not broken. With this study, there will be a commercial liveliness in our city and we will ensure that our fellow countrymen do not leave their country. Our district has no problem that cannot be solved. ” said.

Gul stressed that ÇEDAŞ will renew its infrastructure within three years and stressed that there are no problems related to education and sports fields are done. Expressing that the villages have made an effort to be more livable, Gül added that their doors were always open to the headmen.

Zara Governor Zara Mayor Ahmet Pala also took part in the meeting.

After the Muhtars' meeting, Governor Gül opened the SODES Ladies Cultural Center Sports (Fitness) Hall. Having visited the county market, Gül also sohbet He.

Zara District Governor Yunus Kızılgüneş, Mayor Ahmet Pala, district protocol, chamber heads, representatives of civil society organizations and muhtars attended the programs.

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