Exchange Rate Fluctuations Will Not Reflect on Transportation Prices

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, visited the Istanbul Airport Correspondents Association (İHMD).

Here, he told the press members that the fluctuations in exchange rates will not cause any change in transportation prices.

As the airport revenues and some of the costs are foreign-indexed, there is a balance and therefore there will be no problem in transportation prices due to the fluctuation of foreign exchange.

“But everyone knows that it's a speculative and temporary bloat. We never act daily. We also do not act with a monthly data. We act with the average of long-term data. Therefore, we do not take any action in this sense. Likewise, in train tickets. There is no question of any increase. Nobody should come into such an expectation. Besides, I am saying this again, these inflated figures will come back to the original place as soon as possible. Anyway, the point that they force us, they want to give daily answers with games. Regardless, they need to know that we, as a government that cares about economic stability very much and acts very carefully in terms of budget balances, as a large country, a strong economy, and that we act very carefully in terms of budget balances. Therefore, we do not have any problems. ”

Minister Arslan, although some projects related to imported material from abroad due to price increases in question related to the work carried out in the increase in the number of exports reported.

"After all, you don't buy expensive and sell cheap." Arslan said, "The important thing is to catch that balance there. It is not possible for us to make any increase in fees related to tickets in both aviation and railways. ” used expressions.

Answering a question about the credits that should be taken in the new airport project, Arslan said, “While the airport construction is going on, of course, depending on the project requirement, additional needs may arise in the past. All needs were met. Credits are covered. There is no credit that is needed or not received at the moment, or any unconnected loan. ” said.



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