7,5 Million Ground Infringements

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said the State had the responsibility of violating 7,5 million times on bridges and motorways.

Bridge and highways, large-scale international projects, according to the rules are described about the Arslan, build-operate-transfer model of the tolls of those who are determined based on the exchange rate once a year and applied throughout the year, he said. Bridge and highway tolls will be determined in this way next year voicing Arslan, stressed that this issue will not be changed.

Arslan pointed out that there are about 7,5 million violations in the bridges and highways that are the responsibility of the state so far, “People had to make illegal passage, either there is not enough balance in Automatic Pass System (OGS) and Rapid Pass System (HGS). or not connected on a credit card. People think the balance is sufficient, but the balance is not enough, it can actually see if he turns and checks. When delayed notifications come later, there is no chance to be corrected because the 15-day objection period has passed. As such, there are 7,5 million notifications pending. In this sense, the penalty figures in highways and bridges operated by highways are around 900 million liras. What we tried to do yesterday with the bill passed by the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Commission is to eliminate this criminal sanctions against our citizens and get rid of it only if they pay the main money with legal interest. ” he spoke.

Stating that citizens do not want to be victims, Arslan said, “Please let them associate HGS labels with credit cards by visiting PTT. If they do not have credit cards, they can open an account on PTT and associate it with that account. PTT has many facilities in this sense. ” said.

The way to collect cash instead of HGS is disadvantageous

Reminding that complaints about the toll booths sometimes failing and the tolls are paid in cash, Arslan said that sometimes the lack of balance or the fast pass system (HGS) tags were directed to the cash box of the drivers with the failure to pay due to the wear and tear.

Arslan pointed out that HGS changes were made free of charge by PTT in such cases, “There is a transaction process when we prefer cash collection instead of HGS. There will be a 24-hour staffing requirement, it's a cost. Saving the cash you collect is an additional cost. Delivering the collected money to the banks is also a separate cost because there is a risk. These transactions are never an advantage for us. It is definitely not preferable. ” he spoke.

Arçelik stated that the teams attached to the highways followed 24 watches and systems at the toll booths, and stated that these follow-ups were in front of the citizens.

Arslan emphasized the fact that the automatic passage system (OGS) and HGS devices in the toll booths were closed and reminded that the citizens were directed to pay cash to meet the cash needs of the company.

Minister Arslan said, “This is a situation that will disrupt the system and prevent its implementation from now on. We can never accept this. ” used the expression.

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