Bursa's 15-Year Transportation Master Plan Is Coming To Life

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, 15 annually prepare a new master plan to solve the problems of transportation, 2035 said they are targeting a city with trouble-free transportation in Bursa. President Aktas, Bursa's 2018 by the end of the year will meet the road construction said.

The most important subject of Bursa, the master plan prepared for transportation, the 'updated according to the needs' studies, the public was transferred to the launch meeting. Merinos Atatürk Congress Center (Merinos AKKM) Muradiye Hall, the Mayor of the Mayor Alinur Aktas, district mayors, representatives of political parties, municipal bureaucrats, academic rooms and representatives of non-governmental organizations participated.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, in his speech, emphasizing their experiences in a city of million 3, Bursa is one of the most important troubles in the transportation, he said. The population of 1,5 million in Amsterdam, which takes a look at the work done in the transportation, in the case of this quarter will be done in Bursa about the break, President Alinur Aktas, 'curve to sit and speak correctly' everyone should know the reality of the work expressed. Transportation does not make life difficult, everyone in a place to reach the other place easily stressed President Aktaş stressed that the population is rapidly growing and 3 million in a city with the responsibility of everyone acting on the move.

Easy year in transportation: 2035

Mayor Aktaş said that they intensified the works in order to overcome the problems as the Metropolitan Municipality. Transportation; It is a comprehensive service that covers the way we walk in daily life, the public transportation vehicle we use, bus station, metro station, special vehicles, intersections, roads, squares, car parks and many other cases. Plans made within this framework are very important for us. In the city, we continue to plan environmental planning and master plan. On the other hand, there is also a situation where the transportation master plan for the solution of transportation problems is revised for the changing needs. This study was designed for a period of time covering the next 15 year. The target year will be 2035. Our goal is faster, comfortable, inexpensive and a fair service that everyone can benefit from. Ama

”The real film will be released later“

Alinur Aktaş, who stated that they started with an expert team with international experience to update the transportation master plan of Bursa, started the team at the beginning of the team. Dr. Gökmen who works for many municipalities in Turkey, Ergun said that the Bosphorus Project Inc. located. In the study carried out together under two main headings as transportation master plan and emergency action plan; In the context of emergency actions, Aktaş stressed that the highway corridor and intersection arrangements studies and projects will be prepared and that the regulation includes traffic engineering and traffic management disciplines in order to eliminate the disruptions and inadequacies of the existing road transportation system. At the moment, Aktaş continued his speech by emphasizing that the smart touches and the relieving of traffic are still continuing. Devam We have received very positive responses despite the 7-8 junction. We showed the track. The real movie will be released later. Hopefully in the middle and long-term projects, Bursa transportation and traffic will be further relieved. The touches will continue. However, our most important goal is to be prepared for possible problems in transportation in the medium and long term. Ancak

Start of multi-story road construction at 2018

Stating that the investments that will increase the life standard of Bursa will be able to meet the possible needs and that they are planning for the next 15 years, Mayor Aktaş stated that the traffic counts are made in the most important 78 junction points of the city, 99 city center road sections and 6 city entry and exit points. In this framework, President Aktaş stated that a survey of 10 thousand surveys covering pedestrian, public transportation and private car users is about to be completed throughout Bursa city center. Stating that they care about using common mind at this point, President Aktaş stated that they have no prejudices and different opinions. Mayor Aktaş, the main topics of the study are public transport lines and fleet requirement planning, rail system planning, 25-km project road axes planning, 78 intersection projects, 10 km bicycle paths, pedestrianization projects, parking plans, load traffic planning, logistics and disabled transportation. Expressing that the Metropolitan Municipality is one of the important institutions that add brand value to the city, Aktaş said, “We must act completely within the plan and with scientific data. So we consulted the experts of the work. We are also doing the Osmangazi and Yıldırım metro works with the same company. We have a groundbreaking goal like the end of the year. We aimed to ensure continuity in the updating of the transportation master plan, which should be done every 5 years. We wanted to contribute to a systematic approach to transportation planning in Bursa. In this context, everyone should fulfill their responsibilities. We will complete the master plan at the end of the year. There are multi-storey road constructions that we will start at the end of 2018. At first, we will build a road construction on the north-south axis at Yüksek İhtisas Junction. We will be working on the road in İzmir and at two different locations. We want to quickly implement similar applications. In this sense, Bursa has a lot of difficulties with transportation. We will continue to take steps that will make the life of Bursa people easier. ”

Stating that they are aiming for the participation and contribution of all stakeholders in the studies, Aktaş stated that they are discounting 9 and 17 ratio in rail systems and they are planning to make a discount.

Meeting, Boğaziçi Proje A.Ş. continued with the presentation of their managers. The company officials, who gave detailed information about the ongoing works, shared the methods and technical information with the participants. 142 thousand people in the car that found in Turkey, stating that you increase this figure to 160 in Bursa Erdem Yücel Coordinator Gear Company, in his speech, emphasized the importance of quality and quality transport.

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