Renewed 90 percent of the Railway Network in Turkey

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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, they renew 90 percent of the railway network in Turkey, said electrical and signal lines 100 percent are increasing, "Our goal is to make the whole line of our electrical and signaling the way to 2023`, so that he remove the operational efficiency we obtained from the railway sector to the maximum level .

International Railway Union (UIC) 10. World High Speed ​​Rail Congress and Armstrong spoke at the opening of High Speed ​​Railway Trade, the rail network they renew 90 percent in Turkey, said electrical and signal lines 100 percent that they increased, he continued:

“Our goal is to make all our lines electrical and signaled on the way to 2023, thus maximizing the operational efficiency we have obtained from the railway sector. Simultaneously, considering the regional market for the formation of the railway industry in our country, we have made significant progress in establishing industrial facilities with the private sector and starting production. ”

Arslan pointed out that Sivas, Adapazarı and Eskişehir are gained the “railway industry city” identity, Arslan stated that they have created the infrastructure to produce national high speed train in Eskişehir, national electric and diesel train sets in Adapazarı and national freight wagon in Sivas.

Arslan pointed out that the total investment in the railway sector in the last 15 year is 18,5 billion euros, highlighting the fact that it has spent 4,7 billion euros for high-speed rail projects and the 715 million for the fast rail projects.

Emphasizing that the number of provinces served by high-speed trains directly to 7, covers 33% of the population, Arslan said:

“By 2023, we will invest another 39 billion euros in the railway sector. We planned approximately 80 billion euros, 31 percent of this amount, for high-speed and high-speed railway projects. With our new lines to be opened, we will connect all over our country with high-speed and high-speed train lines. ”

Indicating that the rate of high speed trains being preferred due to travel time, speed and comfort is 73 percent, Arslan said that the satisfaction rate is over 99 percent.

Arslan pointed out that the number of passengers carried by rail on the Ankara-Eskişehir line increased from 8 percent to 72 percent with YHT, and emphasized that 66 percent of the total passenger travel between Ankara and Konya with YHT.

After China, Turkey's most railway construction Arslan underlined that found in the ongoing country, the objectives of 2023 about 11 thousand 700 kilometers, finishing high-speed and high-speed train line, reported that the country is to connect 42 provinces to them.

Arslan, expected to reach 2023 million in 87 expressed that they aim to bring together the fast train, 77 percent of Turkey's population, determination, said they would continue to serve with the understanding of the way.

After the speeches, Arslan visited the stands and used the high-speed train simulation.


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