4 / People and Retirees Made to Receive Fitre

President of Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union (UDEM HAK-SEN) Abdullah Peker made a written statement, “Many of our retirees and 4 / B members working as civil servants in the state have been brought into a fit, and this state should be considered as a shame.”

Peker; “The Presidency of Religious Affairs announced the fit at 19 TL during Ramadan. We see that the income distribution among the Employees in our country is to a degree that does not fit the understanding of social state, human rights, conscience or religion.

Many of our retirees and civil servants working in the status of civil servants have been brought to the status of 4 / C, Peker noted that this state should allocate 4 for food expenditure in Ramadan for a family of 2280 / B, therefore, it is religiously inconvenient in giving fitrah to 4 / B personnel. He said he did not.

Peker said, ele As a result of the research conducted by the Union, Confederation of Public Employees, it has been determined that 657 numbered 4 / B staff can be provided to temporary personnel. In the study conducted by Haksen, the Directorate of Religious Affairs was based on the monthly average income of 2018 / B staff with the amount of filter set in 4.

Turkey's socio-economic status and possession of Religious Affairs declared to the High Council of 2018. Ramadan lowest charity-i identified as the amount FIT 19 per a person's daily minimum food needs of the mind, "In addition to the decision taken this amount, minimum It is stated that there is no upper limit on the amount to be given in sadaka-i fiır.

It can meet the basic expenditures of our 4 / B and retirees, who are not even able to spend all their monthly income on food expenditures, such as rent, transportation, communication, electricity and water only by borrowing. In the face of this picture, we are very curious about what the finance authorities and the government think.

For this reason, there is no religious objection in giving fitrah to 4 / B personnel and most of our retirees. Here is our officer, no one should read gazel.

We believe that the resources of this country will be sufficient for everyone, but the problem develops as there is no fair sharing. Our aim to make this statement is never to hurt our 4 / B and retired brothers and to reveal how serious the situation is.

We are addressing our administrators, please put an end to this wage policy and enact the law that will put the 4 / B's and subcontractor's modern slave into law by bringing it to parliament. ”

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