3 Million People Will Use The 6,5-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel

The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, is a 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel Project that will connect the European and Anatolian sides, starting from Hasdal, going to Çamlıca under the sea, and a rail system starting from İncirli to the Sogutlucesme on the Anatolian side. reminded that it occurred.

Arslan stated that the operations in the Golden Horn were completed with the drillings at the land and the sea within the scope of the project, and the final studies on the route were completed. We will tender this soon. We anticipate that 120 thousand vehicles will pass every day in terms of vehicle passage, and we will have established a network in which 3 million people will use the metro in terms of the 1,5-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel system. More importantly, as this metro network will be integrated with other metro networks in Istanbul, it will be able to serve by transferring to 6,5 million people a day. ” said.

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