Updating Disabled Cards

The Ministry of Family and Social Policies initiated the renewal of ID cards of disabled citizens. In this context, the identity cards of citizens with disability reports will be updated.

Sivas Municipality will implement the same application in the public transport center, and the disabled citizens who have updated their ID card will renew their disabled city cards with their reports.

The Directorate of Transportation Services of Sivas Municipality, which takes a series of measures regarding the new regulations, makes written and audible warnings within the bus so that the citizens are not victims.

In the new regulations made by the Ministry, it is also possible to use the free transport of disabled citizens in all provinces while the identity cards change. Disabled citizens who want to benefit from the service should apply to the city card contact point with the updated ID cards and the current health reports received from the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies.

In addition, since the previous 'ID Card for Disabled People' does not contain any indication as to whether the cardholder is seriously disabled or not, the card will be revised to include “severe disability” information to ensure that the disabled and their companions benefit from this right without any problems.

In the new design of the 'ID Card for Disabled People', a number of changes were made in order to increase the security elements and provide a more functional use. Accordingly, the phrase “There is a Companion Right in Transportation” was added to the cards of individuals with severe disabilities.


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