Vinçsan Completes the Massive Locomotive Turn Bridge

The locomotives make the most efficient use of the rotational movement by using the minimum bridges. In Turkey, the number of these structures, which are around 50, are produced by companies that require special expertise.

The bridge has been developed to ensure that the locomotives pass to other rails or to be used during maintenance. It can work two way on the outline. The rotation action is performed via the control panel, which automatically locks when the bridge reaches the target point. After entering into the bridge, the locomotive is allowed to make a turning movement with the help of a crane.

In our country, the number of dialing bridges around 50 has been used for eighty years and it is produced by using solid and hard wearing material. Long-term use of bridges is provided by providing after-sales support with regular maintenance. In our country, there are few companies that are specialized in the translation of the bridge bridges.

As a first in the world, 300 tons capacity and 44,5 meter length of the locomotive conversion bridge has been completed. The bridge is located in the city of Bereket in Turkmenistan.

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