UTİKAD shared the details of Good Logistics with Participants

The Sustainable Brands 2018 Istanbul meeting of the Global Sustainable Brands network, organized by the Sustainability Academy, which UTIKAD also supports, was held at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul on 18-19 April 2018.

In the 'Good Logistics' panel organized for the first time within the scope of the event and moderated by UTİKAD Chairman Emre Eldener; UTİKAD Vice Chairman Nil Tunaşar and UTİKAD Board Member İbrahim Dölen shared their knowledge and experience on “The Secret Behind Successful Supply Chain: Good Logistics”.

Sustainable Brands Conference, which brings together all the stakeholders of the brand world to redesign the good life with the theme of “Redefining The Good Life”, has also met with international and national inspiring speakers and brand experiences this year. The 'Good Logistics' panel was organized for the first time this year at the event held at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul on April 18-19, 2018.

UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Emre Eldener was the moderator of the panel titled “The Secret Behind Successful Supply Chain: Good Logistics”. Opening the panel of UTİKAD's sustainability activities with the participants, UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Eldener; “As the logistics industry, we are unfortunately aware of the damage we have caused to nature. In order to minimize this loss, as the International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association, we continue our efforts to encourage our members on sustainability. We are trying to raise awareness with the “Sustainable Logistics Certificate” that we have presented for the logistics industry since 2014. In addition, as UTİKAD, we are proud to be the first non-governmental organization to receive the 'Green Office Certificate'. We have also been supporting the World Clock application for many years. We are one of the signers of Global Compact. ” Stating that the profile has changed in the logistics sector, UTİKAD President Eldener said, “With the development of technology, women have started to take more roles in our sector. When the vehicles without drivers come to the agenda, women will manage our sector. ”

In the interactive panel; UTİKAD Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Nil Tunaşar stated that the logistics sector has to be competitive and expert in today's conditions, and the complex structure should be managed with complex softwares. Ar The environmental sensitivity of our sector is very high. We produce solutions according to the sustainability demands of our customers. If we look at the point we came from yesterday to today, we are in a better position than yesterday. Industry 4.0 with unmanned logistics, Internet of Things working with systems entering our lives. In the future, we will be a sector with a better carbon footprint than today Gelecek.

The concept of sustainability in the sector is of utmost importance, UTİKAD Board Member İbrahim Dölen emphasized that there are important developments regarding the nature of the companies. Üy We see this world as the most important heritage that we will leave to our children. Protecting nature and people is our most important duty. But at this point, our responsibility falls to our customers. At the final point, each firm has to calculate its profit margin. Our customers need to be aware of the sustainability awareness. De

High participation panel; representatives of international and national brands attracted great attention.

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