TÜVASAŞ Became the First Institution with IRIS in Public Sector

TÜVASAŞ, 26.02.2018-04.03.2018 dates back to KIWA A.Ş. as a result of the IRIS audit conducted by the company, it has been granted the valid IRIS certificate from the date of 20.03.2018 and has obtained a certificate of Quality Management System certificate for almost all sectors by adding IRIS ring to the management system certificates.

Turkey Wagon Industry Co. is the first institution in the public sector to have an IRIS Certificate.

IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) is the standard for the railroad vehicles industry, which is globally prepared and is based on the ISO 9001 standard, which is applied globally in organizations that manufacture railroad vehicles. This document, which is registered in the UNIFE database, includes both development and maintenance companies.

The purpose of the implementation of the IRIS Quality Management System; In addition to the Quality Management System, it is to meet the special requests of the customers in the rail system sector, to ensure customer satisfaction, to provide a systematic follow-up of the projects, to increase efficiency and to make profit.




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