Subcontractor Company Escaped in İZBAN, Workers Left Debt

Contractors carrying out cleaning work in İZBAN lost money with the money paid to the account of the company and the workers close to 200 could not get their salaries.

The government, along with the staff arrangement 'public contractor finished' the words once again did not reflect the reality appeared. TCDD and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the structure of the partnership was left out of the scope of the staff and applications were rejected in İZBAN 200 subcontractor cleaning company workers were victimized.

Germiyan Kent, who was awarded the final cleaning works through direct supply, disappeared along with the salaries of the company workers. According to information obtained from the management of İZBAN last week, the company's account, including the salaries of workers in the 650 thousand TL money invested, but this money was not delivered to workers in the daily process 5. Although the company management claims that the accounts have been blocked, this claim is not convinced by the workers.

The tender for the company ends as of April. The tender was given to another company for a month. As an upper employer, the management of İZBAN is obliged to pay this money to the workers. The guarantee deposited by the company is far from meeting the salaries of all workers. We are looking for the subject of Germiyan company officials said he did not want to talk. We could not reach İZBAN authorities due to the fact that it was the weekend.


General Business member Bulent Gul, who made a statement to Evrensel about the issue, stated that although their working conditions were difficult, they could not get their salaries in time. Gül yazık A pity for our labor. The money we have is eaten. Nobody makes a sound. Authorities do not collect us and do not provide any information. Therefore, we want to announce our voice. Our rights are usurped and subcontracting companies earn money. Our electricity is cut off, we can't even tell your wife. Our family order is upside down. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials and TCDD officials can hear our voices and ask for the removal of our victimization. We will seek our rights to the end, Haklar he said.

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