Siemens, arms were Plaster Production in Turkey to Speed ​​Train

German companies operating in Turkey 162 years, Siemens has rolled up its sleeves for the production of high-speed trains. Chairman of the Board of Siemens Turkey and chief executive officer (CEO) Hüseyin Gelis, with local production partners said they would do. Emphasizing that he has been working at Siemens for 42 years, Gelis said, “Our country has been through a difficult period for the last 1.5 years. Turkey also those who do not have a little stop in this period, of course. We need to excite them again. Trust is very important here. We need to work harder to attract new investors to Turkey, "he said. Hüseyin Gelis with Turkey - Germany relations, we talked about the risks and Siemens' target in the economy.

Fights from Love

Referendum period of strained relations between Turkey and Germany are still taking effect, how did you impressed?

There is a kinship between Germany and Turkey. There are sometimes fights between kins. she fights between Turkey and Germany, it comes from the kinship of love than love. They care so much about the relationship that they're acting very emotional. I think there is dialogue in the direction that is beautiful. I do not see any Almanya'sız Turkey. I do not see him in a Germany without Turkey. When we come together from the family environment, we are talking about problems, we forget the good things. We need to solve the problems and look at the horizon.
Dialogue is very important

Turkey investment flow is too low, what steps should be taken in this regard?

When we say investment, financing is required. The most critical point in this regard is to bring investors from abroad. Of course, companies like Siemens have been here for 162 years. We know Turkey. We see what's what ... But you need to bring in new investors to Turkey. Our country has been through a difficult period for the last 1.5 years. During this period, they also stopped a little unfamiliar with the subject in Turkey. They followed in Turkey. We have to excite them again. Trust is very important here. We need to work harder to attract new investors to Turkey. Communication and dialogue are very important. We must explain ourselves better.

We'll tell you well, but what are the most frightening things that foreign investors have?

This is not only Turkey's problem of terrorism and cyber security. 1.5 - 2 years before the current problems ... Some people were afraid even to come to Turkey. No matter how much you say, do not be afraid, everything is under control… The important thing is what we will do next. When both sides get together, they have to listen to each other. When governments come together, the issue should not be problem solving. Most importantly, what is our problem, how did it happen and how does it affect us? First of all, after these are discussed, we can solve our problems in the short, medium and long term. Come together sohbet it is necessary to look forward and find a remedy.
Large companies did not brake

In the short term you expecting new investments in Turkey?

What we first saw in this difficult period after July 15… Yes, we saw a problem in tourists. There was no braking in large companies. We have seen world wars. There was a braking in small companies. Now when we look at the train, we see that the investments are coming again. There are about 6 thousand 500 German companies in Turkey. There were 70 thousand companies of Turkish origin in Germany. Thanks to them, I think this trend will continue. But they will ask more questions. We also need to answer those questions without emotional.

High speed train

As a company, you are in many areas such as infrastructure, health, energy, white goods, which will come forward in the future?

The ranking is changing every year. It's going to take the lead this year. Perhaps we will see the most rapid train of the world's investment in Turkey in the coming insulation. Turkey's first high-speed train TCDD was supplied by Siemens Turkey. Lastly, it received an order of 340 High Speed ​​Train from Siemens TCDD amounting to 10 million. What's next? Of course we have domestic R & D in domestic production. If there is a good R & D production is already coming. Now we bring trains from abroad. But we have to produce high-speed train projects in Turkey. We haven't decided where it is. But we have our work.


What are your goals 162 here in Turkey for years?

Siemens lands from Turkey in Germany have come into operation after a short period of nine years. Turkey is among the countries from global leaders to 30. xnumx't to Turkey will enter into balls 2023. Siemens Turkey, the country's economy, directly contributes £ 10 billion, including the amount that is indirect and encouragement. At 3.2, we aim to increase this to 2023 billion. Siemens Turkey's R & D budget was 4.3 2017 27 million euros million euros will be released this year. 34 550 5 1000 3 40 Siemens Turkey thousand employees located in more than 24.5, 2023 indirectly provides employment to thousands of people. Siemens 30 percent ratio of female employees in Turkey. We aim to increase the female manager ratio to 200 up to 32.4. 10 thousand people every day in Turkey to benefit from health technology offered by Siemens Healthineers. The number of people with access to Siemens' imaging equipment in Turkey 2020 million. Siemens Turkey, with xnumx'luk percent share of renewable energy production. In position to become one of Europe's largest wind energy producer in Turkey aims to increase its market share up to xnumx'y 30 percent. Siemens Turkey, will perform with Integrated Production Facilities 110 million euros this year, total exports in Gebze.

Focus digitalization

What is your focus now?

We focus a lot on digitalization. There is great opportunity here. Investments are required to avoid wasting time. If we want to be successful in digitalization, we said that first we need to digitalize at home within the company. We, as a company, said that we should measure the digital maturity levels of all our employees before explaining digitalization to the market. We train all employees online. Trainings are given according to their deficiencies. According to him, before to digitalize its partners in Turkey must be ready within us, let us serve our customers. He started digital transformation globally. But the training started in our first place and 5 pilot countries were selected.

Factory established in times of crisis

Have you opened a production facility in Gebze last year, will there be new investments?

We set up a factory in Gebze during the crisis in 2008. In December 2017, we opened the new Low Voltage Switchgear Factory in Gebze Integrated Production Facilities. The facilities will contribute around 100 million annually to the national economy. This is an interesting message; We continue to invest in crises. We decided what to do in 2019 2 years ago. We continue to invest in Turkey. I have been working at Siemens for 42 years. My job is symbolically taking the Turkish flag to the center and coming from China to Brazil and also from Russia. I say invest in Turkey. The other one says China, India. I've never had a challenge, but I've had a hard time in the last 2. Because I had to tell you more. I had no problems, but I had to tell you more. They're asking more questions. The investor says I'm investing because it's quite normal. Do you have more risks than everything is under control. I've been talking more about opportunities than before, and I'm talking about how to control risks. That period was not easy for me. But what is the point of success? Confidence. They trusted us. We are one of the countries with the latest technology. What are the differences in culture between Turkey Sometimes when asked about Germany, the Germans always firstly analyze risks when they first start a thread. Is there opportunity in Turkey's jump glance. We'il take risks later. If you're going to do a job like a Turk, start like a German. It comes from here.

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