Railway Victims Await Solution in Samsun

İbrahim Kabadayı, who stated that the railway line, which is under construction on Samsun's İlkadım Yeşiltepe Village, has closed the village road they have used for years, stated that they were victims and asked for solutions from the authorities.

The Samsun-Sivas railway line, which is planned to start service in September, was brought to the agenda with the grievances it caused on the route. İbrahim Kabadayı, who lives in the Yeşiltepe Village of the İlkadım District of Samsun, the 9th km of the railway, also stated that approximately 50 households in the village were victimized due to the road closed and asked for solutions from the authorities.


Kabadayı stated that they had a bridge at the same location before the railway works, “There was a steel bridge here, instead they made a reinforced concrete bridge. They are around, so we can no longer pass.

We refer to the governorship by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. In the reply given to us, it was said that the road could not be constructed because of the risk of floods and landslides in the region. However, my grandfather and my father used this way for years, we have seen that nothing is, "he said. Kabadayı stated that they wanted the bridge to be opened for transportation as village people.


Stating that Samsun has a house and a barn in Yeşiltepe Village, Kabadayı said, “The side of the village's pasture is closed by rail. I have a hazelnut and peach garden on 150 acres of land, but because of the railway, we cannot bring our goods and products. We are at a loss in financial and moral terms, we have become unable to do business. The people of the village, like me, are victimized and we have great harm. ”

Source: Şükrü Berk ASKAR-www.habergazetesi.com.t is

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