Positive Response from the Citizens to the Samsun-Sivas Railway Gospel

The Governor of Samsun Osman Kaymak gave the good news that the renovation of Samsun-Sivas Railway, which was started to be built in 2015, will be completed in September of 2018. Samsun Newspaper reporters, asked the public good news. Here are the views of the citizens of Samsunlu on railway renovation works

Mustafa KURT: “Every service done is good for the people. Our expectation as a public is to be able to receive service. Samsun must be ahead in every field in terms of transportation. We are the most popular city of the Black Sea. It would be very good in terms of tourism and business. We continue to develop in air transportation, and when the railway is renewed, we will be one step ahead. Samsun is already a city used to railways. Our people will definitely use it when it is renewed. Rail usage is more attractive depending on the prices and many problems in traffic. After its renewal, it will provide an economic return for both Samsun and Sivas. Samsun deserves more investment, we want them to happen gradually. "

Muhammet PEKTAŞ: “If it is done in a short time, it is a great opportunity. Previously, we always used the railway. Its taste was different, I am still in favor of using the railroad. It makes me sad and excited. It is an incredible feeling to go by watching the scenery on roads that seem like it will never end. It was more exciting in the past, but now, with technology, convenience has entered our lives. But it is a good project for Samsun. I'd rather settle for the railway than to prefer the highway as transportation. The people deserve better. Hopefully, it will be finished as soon as possible and put into service and we will enjoy it. As Samsun, it is a great experience to be connected to all sides. kazanit's tight."

Emre YILMAZ: I did not have any information about this project. I heard it now. But nobody is harmed from the railroad. In fact, the use of rail is not the same anymore. We don't use it anyway because of our age. People use the airline as the prices of airplanes are dropping day by day. I don't think it helps much. But its renewal is of course a good event. Service is provided after all, but service should be provided for more priority situations. The train costs a lot of time, but our elderly people still use it because of the old habit and fear of planes. I see it as a service for them. "

Selahattin TAŞÇI: “This is not a bad situation. I don't think anyone would object, it would be nice for Samsun. It has developed well lately. However, it is necessary to solve the traffic problem before the railway renovation works. It started to become a big problem. If no action is taken beforehand, it will be worse for Samsun later. Samsun railway is also a very old road. We used to use it a lot before. When it is renewed, we can still use it if time and price factors are suitable for us. But when a project will end is not clear. When it is done it will be good for all of us. "

Emin ÖKTEN: “The people of Samsun use the railway. Its contribution is better for us. We come and go by rail in our village. It is also a good situation to go to Sivas. It also contributes economically. We used to use more before. Its current status is already unavailable. It would be very crowded, it was very difficult in terms of comfort with old trains, the rails were a risk. When it is renewed, it is good for families to travel comfortably with their children. We expect them to complete these services as soon as possible and provide more services. "

Lale KATARCI: “It is actually a good thing. I do not use railways. But it will be beneficial for the public in terms of transportation. Since we are students, we do not have much business with the railway and we do not use it much. It would be good to visit their hometown, village, relatives or those they know on the line they will go. I think it will take a long time. It cannot be a project that will end immediately. If Samsun is beneficial in terms of economy and tourism, it may be better if more people can see it. Good luck to everyone already. "

Şule KÖSE: “Every idea that brings people closer to each other is good. Communicating with different people, seeing their lives, getting to know their culture; It would be a very nice feeling to have them see our country. I am a supporter of every project and idea that will make the distant near. I hope this project, which is good as an idea, is put into operation and done as soon as possible. It looks like a project that will take a long time. I also occasionally travel to places along this line. I am going to Ankara too, it would be nice if there was a project there. It will also make a great contribution to Samsun. More people come and see Samsun. It would be an economic plus. It's a good project. If it is done, everyone will benefit. "

Source : I www.samsuncanlihaber.co

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  1. from the beauty of the black sea to the mystery of the south east. When the road is finished, lines should be opened from Samsun to Batman at the midpoint of Sivas (to Siirt when the road is finished), from Kars to Mersin and to Sivas with YHT, ankara, konya, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and railways should be used in the most optimal level.